GIFTS – recycle

Or maybe I should have said -upcycled-. Upcycling is the new word for recycling an unloved item into something fabulous. If you want to see upcycling at it’s finest, I suggest you run right over to Etsy. Here’s a few of my favorites featuring upcycling:

Funky Recycling
I love the Hello Kitty
Yava Glass
We love our Bubble up glass.
IKC Design
Check out the stoppers!
Artwork by KD
I think my favorite is the Soda bottle bracelet
Ivy Lane Designs
I love the spiral books!
Oh Sew Fine
The mittens, oh how I love the mittens
Vintage Renaissance
It was the dog bed suitcases that got me. It makes me wish I had a smaller dog.
Gina Louise Design
Lovely clothing that has been repurposed
Periwinkle Dzyns
You really need to see these. Made from electronic parts. I love my pendant and it’s not immediately evident what it’s made from.

Eco-Artware Gifts made from recycled items.
The Green Vixen

Recycled gift lists put together by others. Tons of links within:
Recycled Gifts
Recycled Gift Guide

Jewelry from “trash”

Upcycle DIY links
Vinyl records
The kids and I are going to do a couple of projects from this
Upcycling Blog
There’s some great ideas here
Green Recycling
Some of her clothing ideas are things my girls would really get into. I might put together a stencil clothing kit as a gift for them.
Upcycled clothesI see a trip to Goodwill to find an old dress to upcycle into a new party dress.
Zipper necklaceI need one of these

I have no affiliation with any of the businesses I have mentioned. In some cases I have purchased items from them and been happy with what I’ve received. In other cases, I have yet to purchase anything so I cannot say how their service is.

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3 Responses to GIFTS – recycle

  1. DebbieB says:

    Around here we call it “re-purposing”. :) Great ideas!

  2. Heather says:

    Looking at the YAYA “Jewels”, I thought what great spindles they would make! Thanks for the list, Amy. Hope your holidays are wonderful!

  3. Manise says:

    I’ve got mittens winging their way to me! I hope they fit.

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