Advent Calendar

Yesterday I decided I HAD to make an advent calendar. Some kind of disease makes me have to do some of this stuff last minute. I only marginally thought of an advent calendar in the past couple of months. Yesterday morning something took hold of me and told me I HAD TO!!! do it and I had to do it NOW because it’s almost December 1st. And you have to be able to count down every right? You can’t start on the twelveth? Can you? Is that acceptable? No. no. It has to be December one. My brain when it speaks it speaks fast. So Imagine all that said like a teenager hopped on pixie sticks and red bull. Oh, and add to that a high pitched voice. I’m not sure why but it has a high pitched voice and is really quite annoying

I had many ideas and googles like mad. Finally, my Mom found some old ornaments that I had loved as a kid.
I decided to work something up with those. I have ideas that couldn’t be implemented this year on such short notice so we’re going with a garland and adding a new ornament each day.
Here’s the one they chose for today:

Each one is tied on with a red string that has a number glued to it. Hopefully now Baby Boogie won’t keep asking every morning “Is today Christmas?” and the voice in my head can move on to obsessing about another project.

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6 Responses to Advent Calendar

  1. Rachel says:

    We have an advent calendar that still goes up year after year even now that we are grown. It has 25 bags on a quilted Christmas background that get filled with candy. It used to be candy from our Hallowe’en haul. One treat per person per night. A pretty good system :) We used to always leave the bag with marshmallows for the last night so they would be stale and chewy…strange tradition eh?

  2. Donna says:

    I thought I was the only one with that disease! The good news is that the older you get, rational thought seems to take over slightly. At least it is now that I am in my mid-forties.

  3. Lee says:

    That totally rocks! Such cute ornaments! Advent calendars are so much fun; your post made me realize that the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating them!

  4. Karen M. says:

    You could do the Twelve Days of Christmas starting on the 13th.

  5. Faith says:

    Great idea! Apologies if I helped the Voice In Your Head speak a bit louder… :)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Um…my parents have that exact same stuffed santa on their tree. It was never one of my favorites, but my mom loves them and they’re unbreakable, so they end up on the bottom (we’ve had a number of cats who enjoy climbing the trees).

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