Counting down

Tomorrow is December 1 and it begins the real countdown to get all the holiday gifts done…well, if you aren’t already feeling the pressure. I really try to get a few special things done for my kids on time but if they’re not done, they seem to understand. Still, I want them each to have at least one special hand made thing from me.

PJ’s are at the top of the list for Christmas Eve. We go to the inlaws and its usually a late night. So, I give the girls new PJ’s to change into and wear home. There was one year I forgot them and 2 hours before we left for the inlaws I was at the sewing machine frantically trying to finish them. Luckily I only had one kid then. I’m hoping I can work on the PJ’s next weekend. I may need to take a trip to JoAnn’s. Boogie Baby was able to just reasonably fit into a pair of hand me down satin PJ’s and loves them so much. I may have to get some satin PJ material and put the flannel onto the shelf.

Socks are next because this is what they’ve asked for. Boogie Baby’s are done and 9goingon20’s are on the needles.

The sweaters for both girls are well under way. 9goingon20’s is past the separation of sleeve and body, Baby Boogie’s is only another inch or 2 away from the point of separation.

Bonus gift will be the hat from Hello Yarn handspun. Though, as soon as it’s done, I’ll probably give it to them. I say them because they’ll share it. Or rather, it will make 9goingon20 happy to have it and she’ll relinquish the hat that she has worn for 2 years that now Baby Boogie loves. It’s all about negotiation and slight of hand.

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4 Responses to Counting down

  1. Tina M. says:

    I love the skully fabric, I’d totally wear those. You have fantastic taste, and I’m sure the kids will love their gifts!

  2. Rachel says:

    oooooh, LOVE that handspun.

  3. Suzie says:

    Hula Hello Kitty!!! Can you adopt me?

  4. Faith says:

    I just got it in my head yesterday that my children need PJ bottoms this year too! Except, they have to be done by the 18th, because their school has Pajama Day as the last day of school before the Christmas break, so I need to complete them by then. :/ I love it when I get last minute inspiration! (Wait, is there ever a time when that DOESN’T happen?)

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