Tour de Fleece

I’m playing along once again. My goal this time is to clean up projects. I have several sweaters in the making and I need to really get some done so I don’t have so much wool in the living room. I’m not usually opposed to have a ton of wool everywhere but it would be nice to have a neater space. Since I’ve been getting on everyone else’s case about keeping picked up, I suppose I need to follow suit.

I’m working at finishing some of the smaller projects as well. Of which this was one:
Batts made from Ester (a Cormo Romney Sheep) and Silk. This particular one has a fair amount of sparkle too. Still no plans for it. It turned out a bit too blue for me but I think I know of someone that might need some blue sparkly mittens.

This is the current bobbin box:
I’ve made notes over at Flickr for the curious. It’s just about time I should be plying.

When knitting I’ve been usually working on this:
It’s a sweater made from a 3 ply BFL handspun. It’s the oatmeal BFL and it’s so nice. I’ve dyed so many lots of BFL for sweaters yet this is the first lot I’ve kept for me (and it’s not even dyed). This is going to be one sweater I know I’m going to love simply because the fiber is so glorious.

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4 Responses to Tour de Fleece

  1. Cayenne says:

    BFL is simply the best fiber of all. I love all your bobbins.

  2. Katie says:

    Oooh that BFL looks so pretty. I, too, dream of an oatmeal BFL sweater some day.

  3. Even tho I just love spinning anything colorful, my two top favorite handspun sweaters are both knit from natural colored Corriedale, a brown and a silvery grey. The GoTo garments! Will check with you at SPA to see if it’s the same with you.

  4. Faith says:

    I always love your bobbin pictures. A box full of possibilities!

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