No really. I finished something.
We know I like to start new projects but sometimes I finish them too. I recently pulled out the sweater I was making 8goingon20 and asked what she thought about it. She’d seen my cropped Sprout and wanted her sweater short just like mine.
I can just add ribbing and call it done?

I have a goal of finishing a few things. I almost started 2 new sweaters over the weekend….I didn’t. Well, I only started one but it’s a deadline project so I had to start it. I’m actually feeling a little over whelmed with all the projects. Not the guilt of having them, but not sure where to put them all now so I don’t forget them and where they are. If I come up with a mapping system I may be ok starting a few more but until that day, my goal is to finish a couple….I think. Only time will tell if I change my mind (I’m so good at doing that)

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5 Responses to A FO?

  1. Julie says:

    8goingon20 looks great in her new cropped sweater!

  2. Cayenne says:

    Darling cropped sweater. Congrats on a FO! You need a map? That makes me laugh. =) I can’t stand having more than a couple projects going at a time because my head just can’t hold more than that at once. There are so many things I would love to just start, though. Maybe I need to learn to throw knitting caution to the wind.

  3. PuppyMomma says:

    You need a GPPS. Global Project Positioning System. Wish they made them…

  4. Lesley says:

    The picture doesn’t even begin to show how nicely it turned out! :)

  5. farm-witch says:

    danged cute!

    the sweater and the kiddo!

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