Book Colorways

Instead of working on a real blog post over the weekend I went through my Book Spin Control and I documented all the colorways that were used in it page by page.

All Fibers are Spunky Eclectic Unless otherwise noted.

Cover = Thick and Thin BFL yarn Singles – Berry Pickin’ (club June ’06)
2 = Thick and Thin Yarn Singles =White Merino and Walking on the Sun Tussah
3 = Fiber – Tussah Silk, Walking on the Sun
4 = Fulled Merino Singles – Mud Season (club Mar ’08)
6 = top row = left – random combed, right – Lightning Strike Alpaca worsted 2 ply; bottom row = left – Thick and thin white BFL and The New Black Tussah Silk (club July ’06), Right – Autumn Feast Feather yarn
8 = Icelandic 2 ply worsted Snow Squall (club Jan ’08)
10 = Balls – Fiber BFL Thermograph (club Aug ’08), On the Bobbin – Perfect Storm Wennsleydale (club Apr ’08)
12 = Fiber Almost solids – Sage, Sunflower and bark
14 = 3 ply Navajo/Chain ply Yarn in Rosebud (club May ’08) with Random Fiber
15 = All are in Deep Sky
24 = Dark BFL Solar Flare
25 = Random
26-27 = most are random bits of fibers but the Handpainted Wool top is Dark BFL Solar Flare
28 = Water Nymph on Wool Blend
29 = Fiber BFL Thermograph (club Aug ’08)
30-31 = Water Nymph on Wool Blend
32 = Fiber BFL Thermograph (club Aug ’08)
33 = Batt blended just for the photo shoot.
52 = Swatches Clockwise from top – Mandy Wool Blend, Marigold mohair and Nylon, 4 ply Corrie in 4 Almost solid colors, Rosebud (club May ’08), Burgundy one to the left is an Ashland Bay Fiber. Fibers in journal are Batts from Southern Cross Fiber and Batts from Enchanted Knoll.
54-55 = Ocean Corriedale
57 = Thunderstorm Singles being felted
58 = Ashland Bay Merino Silk Top
59 = Enchanted Knoll and Southern Cross Samples again
60-61 = Heathered Batts in 3 colors made into a 9 ply cable yarn
62 = Merino Silk in Sage
64 = Sage and Amarylis in Merino Silk
66 = Romney (I don’t remember what this is, it’s an old potluck color)
68 = Water Nymph on Wool Blend
69 = Sage and Amarylis in Merino Silk
71 = Bing Cherry on Romney
72 = Top Yarn is Burning Embers, Top Swatch is Mandy both are Wool Blend Bottom Swatch and yarn are Almost Solid Colors
73 = Swatch is Natural colors of Shetland, Spinning yarn is Almost solid colors.
74 = Sunflower on Corriedale
75 = Fiber BFL Thermograph (club Aug ’08)
76 = Blue is a Sparkly Heather Batt, Gold is a Golden Sock Batt, Green is Sage with Beads.
78 = Salvia carded into a batt.
80 = Naturals
81 = Marigold
82 = Strawberry (pink) SeaGlass (blue)
83 = Fiber – Water Nymph on Wool Blend, Yarn/Swatch = Corriedale Rosebud (club May ’08)
84 = Silky Tweed Batt
85 = BFL Silky Tweed Batt
88 = Top – 4 ply Almost solids, Middle – BFL Aspen (club Sept ’07), Bottom – Corriedale Rosebud (club May ’08)
91 = Top – parkly Heather Batt, Bottom – 4 ply Almost solids
93 = Party Dress in SW Corriedale (club Dec ’07)
95 = Top – Diaper Tan on Merino Bamboo, Bottom – Heathered Batts in 3 colors
96 = Walking on the Sun
102 = Top – Sage, Bottom – Tie Dye
104 = Perfect Storm Wennsleydale (club Apr ’08)
106 = Tie Dye
109 = Left – Hot Rod, Right Tie Dye
110 = Naturals and Dyed Black
115 = Snow Squall
Back Cover = Top – Water Nymph,Left = Autumn Feast Feather yarn

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7 Responses to Book Colorways

  1. Gwen says:

    Just got Spin Control this weekend- LOVE IT!!!

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks for posting this listing! I was poring through the book trying to find the credits for the fiber/yarn/swatches. I was sure it was there somewhere and I must be crazy or blind. I’ll print this out and keep it in the book – which totally rocks by the way.

    Oh, and thanks for posting about Jacey’s video too. You inspired me to contact her about doing a workshop here in VT, and it looks like it might actually happen. Such an instigator you are!

  3. PuppyMomma says:

    I’ll take one of each please. :P

  4. Sayra says:

    After paging through the book it left me wondering what dyes you use/recommend?

    The parts that elaborate in the back how to spin certain yarns are better than any book out there.

  5. Bernadette Glorio says:

    Hi Amy, I just got your book and I wanted to tell you “Well Done!” It is great in every aspect; info, pictures, creativity and style. I buy all spinning books because there are so few of them to begin with but yours is truly excellent. I’m inspired to spin up some beaded yarn and use with a commercial yarn in a sweater. I like how you suggested this commercial and handspun. I’ve been doing this for years but many hand spinners think it’s a ‘SIN’! Looking forward to your next book:)!

  6. Aesox says:

    I just got your book in the mail and I’m excited that you went to all the trouble to do that. Thanks!
    I love the book, btw :) Just what I needed to help me spin some very fun stuff!

  7. Lona Kelly says:

    Thanks for this post, it certainly helped me in conditions of how I can improve things. Speaking of improving, a beneficial way to clean any type of window blind is to use a can of compressed air, or maybe a pet hair roller.

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