Sit & Spin

Today I want to talk about the DVD Sit and Spin by Jacey of Insubordiknit. I’ve wanted to talk about it for a while but I keep running out of time. Actually, there is a whole list of things at the shop for items that I’ve been “running out of time” to do and I’m working through that list as if it was the ONE list of things to do. Here we are, at long last.

Jacey mentions at the beginning of the video that this is not for people that don’t know how to spin. It’s not a video about how to start spinning. She’s right. You really need to understand the workings of your wheel, how twist works and what you need to do to accomplish the tasks that she’s giving you. You need to be mindful of wheel direction and how Jacey adjusts her wheel. If you’re not at that point yet then take a Start Spinning class, get a book or a video and it shouldn’t be long before you’re on your way to learning the great techniques that Jacey offers up.

This brings up another point that is more my issue than anything that really has to do with the video review at hand. Novelty yarn is NOT beginner yarn. Good, well balanced, fun novelty yarn takes skill. Like any skill, you need to build your skills. Some people will get it faster but it’s not generally a “first” yarn kind of thing. You really need to understand twist to make a well balanced fine novelty yarn.

So what do I like about the videos?
The content of course but you probably got that. What I think is really important to mention is how it’s all put together. Jacey doesn’t just run through explaining everything quickly and leaving it at that. The videos are good for LEARNING. See here in this photo I stole from Jacey:
She gives you the technique and you see it real time so you know how it’s supposed to go and then it’s broken down for you. Love that! Some of the techniques you see in a couple of different angles to make sure that you can really “get” what you need to do.

The other really cool thing is that it’s all broken down into segments and sections. You can watch one segment or section. Pause. Try it out and then rewind if you need to or move on. It’s really well put together and only second to actually taking a class with Jacey. Which she’s traveling ALL over the place teaching so you may have a chance to take a class.

I’m really late in getting this review done and so I’ve read many others and heard from people. People have mentioned they don’t like the music in the video. Of course the music isn’t for everyone but it’s so Jacey. I like that she put little interludes of it in the video. Don’t let the music deter you from purchasing this DVD. It’s a DVD and not a live performance you’re being forced to sit through. If you don’t like the music you can easily hit “next” and move on to the next technique skipping the music all together in the couple of sections that it comes on.

As for the content and what you’re learning….This is top notch novelty stuff. I learned things. Some of the techniques I knew and have used and some were completely new to me. I gotta think most people will be able to get a good lot of information from the DVD and really learn some great techniques on how to further their foray into novelty yarns.

Happy Spinning.

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7 Responses to Sit & Spin

  1. AsKatKnits says:

    Excellent review! I will be adding this to my spinning wish list! Thanks for sharing in such great detail!

  2. JessaLu says:

    Great review! I’ll be putting this on my wishlist since I need to expand my spinning horizons. :o)

  3. Thank you! I really wanted to know how this dvd was and I appreciate all of your comments on it. Great review!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for a very helpful review! I’ve heard lots about this dvd, but wasn’t sure if I was ready yet, and I don’t think I am. That doesn’t mean I won’t get it, but I think I need more spinning skills before I can get much out of it.

  5. Jim says:

    I can’t wait to take the two-day class that will be offered in NYC this August. I hope she has the DVD for sale at the class.

  6. jacey says:

    yay! i’m so glad you liked it! I’m like the greatest american hero right now — walkin’ on air. Heh.

  7. Sayra says:

    The dvd is good, I have it. Actually I beg to differ. I started spinning, nobody taught me. Between Maggie Casey’s book, and Youtube I was spinning art yarns. Really. I’ve been spinning since late November, 2008. I was an avid felter before, and knew a little bit about wool. My yarns have become better since then, but feel you could buy the dvd and some very basic spinning skills pull it off.

    Learning spinning was easy for me. It probably isn’t for everyone! Some of my yarn:


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