What's up?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Last week was simply crazy trying to get everything done. Let’s go through it.

Was a Monday. Nothing huge but a lot of little mishaps all day long that gave a gal the feeling that she should have just stayed in bed. But I stayed awake and persevered through the day getting packages shipped while Lesley put the shop back together for me.


Wasn’t Monday. It was yet another busy day working. Not to mention homeschooling and Girl Scouts. 8goingon20 moved on up to Junior Scouts.

Was a day of waiting. Waiting for the book to arrive so I could get it shipped back out before I left for TNNA. I printed all the labels in anticipation and waited….It never showed.

Was a day of flying hell. First flight 1.5 hrs late into NY. Flight to Columbus left without us, then the next flight was canceled, the flight was overbooked and already have 5-6 stand-bys. The next flight was Friday. I made friends with a fellow stranded passenger and we decided to fly to Dayton, rent a car, and drive into Columbus. It was a fantastic plan. She dropped me off at 930 at the hotel to meet Beth.

I took Beth’s class on Fibers. It was fantastic fun, she’s a really smart lady and great teacher. Then we carried wheels around to clear out the classroom, then met up with the Schacht booth babes. We had a blast. We played at the “sample it” and went to the Buffalo Gold party. All well worth going to. We’re both spinning shops so alot of the yarn stuff at TNNA wasn’t pertinent but much of it really was.

TNNA Day. I spent. I brought in a few new product lines for the shop. Here’s the list:
– Qiviuk, Vicuna, Guanaca and patterns to go with it.
– New Zealand Batts of Merino Cashmere and Possum.
– More books!
– Della Q bags. I got a bunch that are perfect for Spindles.
– Debra’s Garden Needle and yarn guages. (They’re in “the book”)
– Power Scour!
Then we had lunch with Abby and family. Met up with Interweave for the Author meet up and cupcake party and continued on with the shopping and fun to have dinner with Amy and Jillian. Then back to the Hyatt bar where Amy played her Ukele for us!! Over the night the group expanded and it was such an impressively large group, it was the only photo I took all weekend. I only got a portion of the circle of chairs in the photo and it came out too fuzzy to tell much. My phone doesn’t have the best camera on it. But it’s all in my minds eye for sure. Which I suppose is why I take so few photos. I never feel like I need them. Which doesn’t make me a very good blogger.

Was the day to come home. I met up with Chesley at the airport and we flew back east together. This time the flights were uneventful and we made it home on schedule.

And now here we are a full week later at another Monday.
Since the books arrived on Thursday, when I couldn’t sign anything due to leaving so early, I’ll be shipping them out today!
If you have one on pre-order, you get your books shipped today. As soon as that’s done, I’ll be working through the rest of the orders that came throughout my time away.

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5 Responses to What's up?

  1. farm-witch says:

    Power Scour is my favorite way to clean a fleece – and the rinse is awesome – so much more thorough and gentle than the gallons of dish detergent method and maintains that yummy wool smell!

    Glad you had fun, glad you’re home safe….now, i wantz my book – LOL!

  2. Annalea says:

    Hooray that there are books for sale in the online shop again! Order has been placed, and now I wait patiently for you to work through the backlog. :o)

    Welcome home!

  3. Marta says:

    Wow! You are some kind of busy lady! Bet home and all the homettes feel pretty good.

  4. Zardra says:

    New Zealand Batts of Merino Cashmere and Possum.

    Totally looking forward to those.

  5. wendy says:

    Wow,that sounds really…tiring.lol. I’m totally looking forward to your shop update with those goodies.

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