I am completely and absolutely enammoured with my new sock yarn. This handspun stuff:

It’s a 3 ply made from Mars Corriedale.
Holy cow! I love this stuff.
Somehow this stuff never ended up online but I’ve been dragging it around to the shows. I will be photographing and listing this stuff because I really need to share it with you. I’ve dyed a bunch more to take to MA sheep and wool but I’m definitely taking a couple out so I can have some more of this yarn.

When I got in the base fiber over a year ago, I tested it. It was ok. It was just an average tan corriedale. I like colored fiber so it’s all good. But now that I’ve spun it up and actually started to knit with it….I’m glad that I have a bunch more of it left. I need a pair of socks in every color that I do. I finished one Mars sock and have started the second.

You can’t feel it from there. I know. It’s not super soft or anything but the finished item is just well, just nice. Really nice. It may turn out that I’m alone in my love for this yarn/fiber but that would just mean “more for me!”. I’m going to get in a little knitting time before I have to head off to work.

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6 Responses to Enammoured

  1. Donna says:

    oooo – it Looks nice and squishy!

  2. Punkin says:

    I have found that I prefer not-super-soft yarn for my socks. It feels good on my feet and seems to last longer. I will have to try Corriedale.

  3. wendy says:

    I’ve read that people use it as baby knits…must try.lol.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I really like how the yarn is knitting up!

  5. Milly says:

    Looks very yummy.

  6. Scott says:

    you’re not alone. that tan corriedale is great.

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