Couch time….

Baby Boogie has been sick. Poor thing has the flu. I don’t think it’s ‘THE’ flu but none the less she’s one achy, feverish, sick puppy who doesn’t want me out of her sight. This means I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch or in bed with her. This means knitting time when I’m allowed to do something other than rub her back or her belly.

Oh, and I would be doing more computer/paper work except our modem and router are down and out here. Last night it completely died but the past couple of days it’s been touch and go. I’m hoping I can squeeze a couple of hours out of it here and there. But that’s not all. My email server decided to poop out at some point and wouldn’t load new email…..Restart the computer……All emails are gone. Just gone. Super Husbeast tried to retrieve them but we couldn’t. So if you emailed me and are waiting for an answer, please email again. I’m borrowing email service from my family. Of course I have to walk out to the garage and hold the computer out to the far wall to do it…..

Ok, enough of that. On to the good stuff. Knitting:
I finished a sweater for my niece. Finally.
It’s not the same one I started that got chewed. It’s completely different and completely cute. I want to make myself one. (details on my Ravelry page) As soon as I can leave the house again, I’ll get buttons. I’m hoping to find some time today to get it blocked too. I also finished a sock and cast on for it’s mate as the rules of anti-secondsock state. Not that those rules actually cure second sock syndrome but if I cast on immediately it at least means I won’t use those needles for another project.
Then I cast on for new socks for the sick little Baby Boogie.
I’ve had the shawl beside me the past couple of days but have yet to open it’s bag.

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10 Responses to Couch time….

  1. anj says:

    been thinking about her all day yesterday and I will keep it up today. Perhaps it is that 72 hr variety I heard going round. It is a nasty one!!!

    Sending love from Phily. I miss you babe.

  2. Julie says:

    Awww, give Baby Boogie a hug from me. I hope she feels better real soon.

  3. Annalea says:

    Man, it’s so hard to watch your munchkins be sick! I hope Baby Boogie is soon back to her usual self.

    As for email: I highly suggest Gmail. I

  4. Annalea says:

    (Sorry for the quasi-double post. I used an opening carrot to make a heart, and the rest of it disappeared. lol)

    Man, it’s so hard to watch your munchkins be sick! I hope Baby Boogie is soon back to her usual self.

    As for email: I highly suggest Gmail. I *heart* Gmail. Even if you don’t want to change your email address, you can set up Gmail to receive and send under your other email addresses, and then you have Gmail’s awesome mail handling and archiving. (Three separate backup locations, separated by large expanses of geography.) No more lost mail, even if things totally go belly up on your end.

    Best of luck!

  5. Steph says:

    Sorry to hear about the little one – at least it’s not “THE” flu, though! I hope you get all the computer stuff worked out, too. :(

    The wee cardigan is super adorable, and the handspun socks look awesome as usual! :)

  6. marissa says:

    Nobody should have to deal with a sick kid AND computer woes at the same time. That’s just cruel and unusual punishment. Here’s to hoping they both get cleared up ASAP! I love that sweater- going to check it out right now…

  7. Hattie says:

    Ohhh poor baby!

    LOVE the sweater, SO fricken cute.

  8. Karen says:

    Aw, I hope baby boogie feels better soon! And I hope you all stay healthy!

    Cute sweater and I love the socks!

  9. norma says:

    I second the gmail suggestion. No more lost emails! (well, unless THEY tank).

  10. PuppyMomma says:

    Give the wee booger a kiss on the nose from me. Oh, and I GOT TO READ YOUR BOOK TODAY!!!!!

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