What's on it?

What’s on the spindles lately?
Well. I have quite a few and a good number of spindles have something on them. Though, usually I have a focus on just a few at any given time. I decided I needed to photograph my current favorite spindle projects.

Treadmill projects:

Cascade Mt Baker. This is one of my favorites. I just finished some Enchanted Knoll batts singles and so I started on some Southern Cross Batts I got.

My other treadmill project is plying. I’m not done spinning Mole but I wanted to ply what I had. These are some of the Abby Franquemont batts. I’m about half done with the singles. I had filled up the spindles and didn’t get to plying until a couple of days ago or I might have finished that as well. I am trying a different plying method with these as opposed to my usual plant pot method.

House projects:

I’m still plugging away at Lotus. The singles are usually something I take with me when I travel and then I do the plying here at home. I did the little plied skein while on the treadmill. So the lotus goes across the board but I don’t work on it much at all. I’m thinking of switching it out and making it one of my treadmill projects and taking Baker on the road in the upcoming months.

This is the Tabacheck I got from The Spinning Loft. It’s munching on some of my Superwash Merino Heather Batts. They’re coming out prettier than I thought they would. It was a lonely batt that hadn’t sold (I’ve been cleaning up the shop). I can see why because it’s not pretty in the batt but it will be a gorgeous yarn.

Work projects:

This is the spindle that sits with me at the counter in the shop. It’s a Wee Turkish Spindle (Turkish Delight) from Jenkins. The Batt is another “clean up” batt but this time it’s a luxury. It’s an Abby Batt in Dreamsicle. It’s such a fun spin. I think I need another Wee Turkish. Or many more….

Last but not least is my Kundert project. I had a few pieces of random CorriePaca in Sangria so I decided they needed to be spun worsted on my Kundert Denim Pine. I’m always amazed by my Kundert spindles. I keep forgetting how much I truly love spinning with these.

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9 Responses to What's on it?

  1. Hattie says:

    Look at all those pretty spindles! I have one lonely spindle, but I let someone borrow it. I’m feeling the need to buy a pretty one…

  2. Kristin says:

    I so wish I was a spindle spinner. There is something very appealing about them – especially when I see posts like this one. I’ve tried, but I think I’ve been too attached to my wheel for too long. Then again…maybe I should try again…

  3. Kathy says:

    Wait — you spin while walking on the treadmill?

  4. denny says:

    oh my I just finished to large spindle spinning projects, now to kit.

    Oh look, more fiber in the mail box…..whats a girl to do.

    I’m going to go bake cake and think of what to do next.

  5. Katie says:

    I love that you spin on the treadmill! I don’t have one but that sort of makes me wish I did…

    I saw the Denim Pine Kundert spindle on the site, and I love it so much. I’m happy to hear it spins so well!

  6. Donna says:

    Ok Amy, so how the heck to you spin on a treadmill? I can barely keep walking without falling off!

  7. Grumpy Woodchuck says:

    I love Kundert spindles, more than any other type that I’ve tried in the past decade. I think I have 6 Kundert spindles now.

  8. Monika says:

    When you say treadmill projects – you spindle spin while working out on your treadmill???

  9. wendy says:

    You’re amazing!

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