Little bits

I haven’t given out a recipe in a while. I’ve been uninspired or eating the same old things. Yesterday the Twitter folks were killing me with the food talk and my friend Jen suggested greens to chase away the hungry monster. It worked well.
The veggies in there are Bok Choy, Chard, Napa Cabbage, Cucumbers, and some tomatoes just to lighten it up. The dressing is Stone ground mustard, a touch of honey, olive oil and cayenne pepper for heat. It was incredibly good and gave my hunger a beating.

This is for my stripey section of the Mystery Shawl:
I’d like to cast on at some point today. Mondays are that special hectic kind of day that it doesn’t always happen so it might not get cast on until tomorrow.

I finished my February Lady over the weekend
I need to block it today and then hopefully by Wednesday I’ll be wearing it.
I already have Liesl wound and waiting to go but I’d like to finish Baby Boogie’s sweater first. And of course I have the fiber dyed and waiting to be made into yarn that will get used for Whisper (IK spring 2009) and for Cece (Chicknits)

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4 Responses to Little bits

  1. Faith says:

    That salad looks great! Shoot, and I saw cherry tomatoes at the commissary today and didn’t get them. Oh well, will have to get them next time. I’m going to try that salad dressing too — I’m wanting mustard on everything right now.

    (Oh, and your FLS looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see it blocked!)

  2. farm-witch says:

    gimme a bite! Ah! that’s better!

  3. Sara says:

    YUM salad!

    I had ambition to finish my Liesl over the weekend and… it didn’t happen. My “ooh shiny!” reflex is kind of a pain sometimes.

  4. Bad Hippie says:

    One word: (or is that two?)

    Inspiration awaits!

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