I’ve been working on it for that shawl I posted Wednesday:
This will be the lovely striping section on either end of the stole.
I finished off that bobbin and today I’ll start on the center color for the shawl.

This post is really to mention how I’m spinning it.
The color repeats are fairly short and I wanted longer color stripes so that would mean that I can’t predraft. I open up the fiber a bit to make it a “flat” piece and start to spin at one end traveling across the length of the fiber:
The traveling is easier done going up as the arrow tells you.
When I get to the top, I flip the fiber or angle it so that that end is now down and I go back UP the other side.

Most of you probably already know how to do this. I know I’ve had classes where people tell me it’s easier to go one way than they struggle coming back the other way, even if it’s angled UP correctly. This is why I will flip the fiber so it feels as though it’s going in the same direction but not really. It’s still going back and forth getting in all of one color and then the next.

Hopefully this has given me long enough color repeats. We’ll see soon. As soon as I get the yarn off the bobbin and “finished” I’ll begin knitting.

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3 Responses to Singles…

  1. Punkin says:

    Interesting technique. I am a novice, so I had not heard of this.

  2. beth says:

    you are a genius!

  3. DebbieB says:

    BRILLIANT! I’ve never tried the ‘flipping’ thing.

    ::runs off to wheel to try it::

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