Mystery Tara Shawl

Free pattern…but I don’t have a picture for you. That’s where the mystery comes in.

In the Spunky group on Ravelry we decided to do a Spin-a-long/Knit-a-long. One of the patterns that people thought was a good idea was a “mystery” shawl that was marinating in my head. It’s only a mystery because it’s not been test knit. You are welcome to knit along with us. Or rather, we’re spinning first but you get the idea.

Anyway. my words aren’t working so well at the moment (I know, pretty amazing) so HERE IT IS. Join us.

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4 Responses to Mystery Tara Shawl

  1. Julie says:

    Hmmm, I wasn’t going to do the spin-a-long but after seeing the charts I think I will!

  2. marissa says:

    What? What’s that, now? I need to go purchase laceweight yarn for this KAL? Oh, twist my arm! Headed to your shop now…
    Thanks, Amy!

  3. farm-witch says:

    Man, oh man, I thought I had my decision making done on this project – then you tempt me with the mystery and – in her faraway voice – what what that? Another change of plans? LOL. Off to talk to the fiber stash and see what IT decides:)

  4. wendy says:

    I totally saw this on Ravelry and knowing there’s no way I can spin that much in lace made me pass it by. Now though I’m thinking I was a big dork because I just figured out that I can use bought yarn…Man, some days are really sad.

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