Making headway

There seems to be little time to work on anything these days but I’ve made a little headway on the little boss’s sweater:
The back is done and I’m working up the front. I should be breaking for the neck soon. I want this off the needles so I can get back to February Lady and then move on to Liesl and then on to CeCe and maybe work on my Dad’s sweater and then this other sweater I designed and a vest and….

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4 Responses to Making headway

  1. Miss Dallas says:

    And I thought I had a raging case of startitis!


  2. anj says:

    one thing every moment right? I want to start about a hundred things.. and finish a hundred others…

  3. Annalea says:

    You too, huh?

    I have a private theory that the feeling of having insufficient time is inversely related to the number of projects one wants to complete.

    The sweater looks great!

  4. PuppyMomma says:

    Its a good thing she’s small.

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