I meant to post…

This was supposed to be Wednesday’s post but with getting club out, my brain sort of short circuited on the fact that I’m ignoring my poor little blog.

I got these 2 wooden boxes in the mail the other day:
wooden boxes

Some of you might know that they of course contain spinny stuff from Bosworth.
and Journey

If you have the chance to spin on one of these at a show, don’t….you’ll have to have one. If you have the funds to get one then you need to order from Bosworth. I haven’t gotten to play with either a lot because of work and trying to stick to my “work week” but I have taken time to marvel at them. The engineering and the way they work. It’s amazing. These tools are so well thought and operate so smoothly. I’m in awe every time I open up the charkha and put on the drive belt…. or every time I open up Journey and she’s ready. Ready to go.

I’ve thought of getting a larger purse just so now I can carry the Charkha with me every where. My knitting, my kindle, my charkha and a spindle. I’m good to go. My bag just keeps getting bigger and bigger to accommodate all the “must not leave the house without”. Soon I’ll need a wheel barrow just to carry it all.

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11 Responses to I meant to post…

  1. Manise says:

    Wheelbarrow- hehe. Beautiful wood and craftsmanship!

  2. Mara says:

    They’re beautiful! I’ve always wondered what the charkas are like.

  3. Jennifer says:

    That is exactly why I’ve never tried one. I’m afraid of the next step. they are beautiful. I like your wheelbarrow idea – I even have to curb my car size to avoid the ability to haul too much stuff around.

  4. Miss Dallas says:

    Those are so beautiful!

    After a little bit of thoughtful deliberation last week, I finally started spinning! I bought a Louet drop spindle and have been trying to make time for it every day! Who knew spinning was so much fun!?

  5. Katie says:

    Those are beautiful! Perhaps Bosworth could make a wheelbarrow for you too. I bet it would be beautiful. :)

  6. peahen says:

    Amazing! Casters on the bottom of Journey and a long handle like a wheely suitcase – sorted!

  7. farm-witch says:

    Oh, I so see this becoming the next trend. People with wheelbarrows parading down the isles of fiber shows…let’s do it:)

  8. Faith says:

    What beautiful new toys! Well now I WANT to try them. :)

  9. Ann says:

    Weave a little backpack with your handspun to carry it all. That’s what I plan to do. :)

  10. Chris says:

    Good advice. I tried a spindle, I bought a spindle. I tried a charkha, I bought a charkha. I tried another spindle, I bought another spindle. I don’t try the Journey Wheel.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful! I love their spindles so much and just love the look of the charkha.

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