That’s a great word to describe Baby Boogie. Oh sure, she’s got a cute chubby cheeked face and all that curly hair. She’s pint sized and looks like she couldn’t possibly be any trouble at all. But when it comes to wanting more handknits she’s pretty darn demanding.

I wasn’t thrilled with the hot pink Noro sweater. It was a little big and a little, um, hot glaring pink. So I fulled it enough to fit 8goingon20. Seeing her sister with a new sweater brought out the little green eyed monster that lives inside Baby Boogie so she demanded a sweater.

She’s old enough to look through books and pick out her own yarn so that’s just what we did yesterday afternoon.

Ribbed Yoke from Debbi Bliss Cotton Book and Woolease in 140 Rose heather.
It’s a really good “reading while knitting” knitting. At least until the yoke. Then I’ll have to pick out another Stockinette or garter project.

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8 Responses to Demanding….

  1. PuppyMomma says:

    At least she has good taste and knows what she wants. Thats a girl who is going to go far in the world. Not that 8goingon20 won’t, but I have a feeling that Baby Boogie is going to ‘own’ some man one day.

  2. Shannon says:

    I’d happily share Baby Boogie with you, all I have been able to knit for my 6 year old ever is a hat and a pair of tube socks. Kinda sad, don’tcha think?

  3. Julie says:

    Don’t expect her to ever outgrow it – my daughter’s 23 and still puts post-its on all my pattern books and magazines so I’ll know what to knit for her.

  4. Faith says:

    Baby Boogie knows what she wants!

    How interesting that you felted the sweater down. I never would have thought of it. Pictures with the new little owner?

  5. I can’t imagine the challenge of a kid wanting my knits. All three of mine get them and NEVER wear them! I can get them into hats and socks (for the boys). I also have a husband who doesn’t wear sweaters or vests so I knit it all for me and my lovely women friends who love a handmade present! I guess that is the bright side!

  6. Jennifer says:

    That’s a great sweater. I can hardly wait to see the finished sweater. All of Debbie Bliss’ creations are so darned adorable. Almost makes me want to have more babies. Almost.

    ; )

  7. wendy says:

    My littlest one is also the most demanding…must be that baby

  8. She has wonderful taste!

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