Pesty McNaughty

Rotten McNaughtyPants
Stinker McPoopsInside
Puppy McBugsAlot
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For Mick the stinker dog. The baby niece BSJ is not finished. First I was slowed down by receiving proof pages for my book and needing to edit and get it all back within my deadline. My weekend was spent with that. I got back to knitting on Tuesday and Wednesday I woke up to this:

He didn’t want the wood….he ate the cord. Which meant yarn got attacked in the process. I had to rip back a bit but I finally have a full section without holes and I didn’t have to go back more than an inch or so.

Believe it or not, I didn’t have another set of needles that I could slip in so I put it away and got new needles last night. Hopefully today I’ll pick all the stitches back up and begin again.

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22 Responses to Pesty McNaughty

  1. Emily says:

    Whoa! On the bright side, at least he likes that you knit.

  2. Becca says:

    Oh No!!! I’m sure he got a tongue lashing on Wednesday morning :( I’m so sorry… Bad puppy :(

  3. Oh noes! Disaster! Bad doggy!

  4. Woolly Woman says:

    Your pup should meet my pup…her thieving self has a particular liking for Valentines candy. Third time in about six years I’ve discoved a complete, and nearly whole, box of candy daintly eaten (she leaves the paper cups in near perfect condition). She spent the night hot footing it to the back yard to focus on her “just desserts”. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

  5. iknitifelt says:

    I have a cat that does that… but he just chews on the cables till they are so nicked and gouged that you can’t use them anymore… then he goes on to another cable!!

  6. njstacie says:

    So does this mean you can only knit on straights or dpns? What a stinker!

  7. Dianna says:

    Yep. That’s why my wheels have spent much of the past six months up on top a pile of fiber to keep them away from puppy teeth! My dogs have impeccable taste in fiber – I’m sure Hobbes will develop that with time and reserve the mischief for silk, quiviut, cashmere, cormo, bison, etc. (I’m laughing with you, because I have been there many times over the years!)

  8. Manise says:

    Beast! Glad he’s still alive. Must mean he’s awfully cute. :-)

  9. Kelly says:

    I feel your pain!!! I know all too well what chewed up handknits are like :(

  10. Marnie says:

    *SOB* I feel your pain

    Thank goodness for creates. We haven’t had major destruction since we started consistently crating her when we leave.

    Still, Mr. Destructo D. Dog will win you over with cute, I just know it.

  11. Tonia says:

    Oh no! See even the dog says that you need to use a yarn that you like. ;)

  12. Chris says:

    Oh! Puppy. NOOOOOOOO! No cookies for Mick today.

  13. Nell says:

    Oh no!!! What a bad dog!!! Silly pup!!

  14. Jo says:

    I think I just had a brain aneurysm for you.

  15. farm-witch says:

    Uht-oh! Somebody was baaaaaad. Or, if you look at it another way, it could be the sweater’s fault…LOL.

  16. DebbieB says:

    This is why I don’t knit sweaters.

  17. Lucia says:

    That would be one hurtin’ puppy around here. One of my cats used to chew on needles (I still have one with tiny teeth marks) and occasionally ingest yarn, but luckily she’s given that up — bad for yarn *and* cat.

    Are you bringing any Thunderstorm BFL to SPA? If you did someone might buy it.

  18. lisa says:

    oooh, yeah, little stinker dog! But you’d rather be spinning than knitting the bsj, right? Maybe he thought he was doing you a favor?

    A co-worker has a “bully breed” dog (that is a rescue, has some issues, but is a good dog, perhaps a boxer pit mix), and she’s just started taking her to “bully breed” classes in Portland. Want me to get you the info? She says it is a really good class, and the instructor is really good too.

  19. JessaLu says:

    I feel your pain, the new puppy that we adopted last year loves the ‘mouth feel’ of yarn. *sigh*

  20. Mia says:

    I came across your blog on the google search engine and saw a few of your earlier posts that you did previously . I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work. i will Look forward to reading more from you again.

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