Happy V Day to me

We don’t celebrate Valentines but it just happened that I bought myself a gift. Not because of Valentines exactly but because it was at the top of my covet list and one had become available. Meet the new baby of the house:
It’s a Rick Reeves Frame Wheel.
She was born in 1992 and the original owner had spun a bobbin and a half, then put her in the attic.
She’s sweet and in much better condition than if I had bought her in 1992.
She’s making friends with Hyacinth already. Though, I’m thinking of taking her to the shop so I can have a wheel of my own to spin in case I get a break at work. Hey it could happen. And she’s much safer over there. I still haven’t decided but for the weekend she’s going to live at home so I can play. I have a project or two for us to do together. That new vacuum will never get used at this pace. I’m not sure I care though.

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25 Responses to Happy V Day to me

  1. Miss Dallas says:

    How cute is that? I might need to get my first wheel pretty soon…

  2. Suzie says:

    what’s the funny word you used? vac-u-um? what’s that?


    she is very pretty. Although I don’t understand how she could be in better shape after sitting in an attic than if you had been had her in 1992…..

    Is there logic behind wheels being female? like why cars are female and motorcycles/bikes are male? (go ahead, ask me…)

  3. Julie says:

    She’s very purty!

  4. DebbieB says:

    Oh, she’s so beautiful, Amy!

  5. Rene says:

    I’m betting that is the one that was on ebay!! Lucky you. That is one nice wheel. I have a RR saxony that I got last fall and they are really nice.
    I just got a Betty Roberts wheel off Ebay and I love it!! Now I want another Betty Roberts wheel. She is one fast spinner.

  6. AnnaMarie says:

    GORGEOUS!!! I’m so glad that wheel went to you. It gives me hope that maybe my dream wheel will come to me some day.

  7. Manise says:

    A beauty! And in such great condition. Lucky you!

  8. Tonia says:

    She is lovely. Congratulations!! Happy Valentines Day.

  9. Petunia says:

    The need to vacuum will wait patiently. Have fun!

  10. Erica says:

    Awww…she’s beautiful! Does she have a name?

  11. Monika says:

    Such a pretty little thing! Do they still make these wheels? I’ve got only 2 wheels so far, O.K. 3, but the little one doesn’t count, it’s not operational. I WANT more wheels. There’s still place for a couple more in my living room. :o)

  12. Dianna says:

    Wheels always come before vacuums!

  13. Faith says:

    She’s beautiful!

  14. Amy says:

    SCORE!! That is way awesome!

  15. Lesley says:

    A break at work, huh? :)

  16. Susan says:

    Ha! Who needs clean floors? New wheels are so much more important.

  17. Marcy says:

    Very well done, Boogie! She’s just perfect. Can you tell us the tale of how you came to get her?

  18. farm-witch says:

    Psssttt…Boogie, you know me well so you know I’d never lie to you (ducks lightning bolts) but, uh, your wheel just whispered that she wants to come live with me so you can break out the vacuum any time you want. LOL.

    This is to say….I’m jealous!

  19. Steph says:

    Happy V-Day for sure! She’s a beautiful wheel.

  20. Donna says:

    I thought we had the only family that didn’t celebrate Valentines day – not that I have anything against it its just that hubby is away on a business trip every year on the 14th.

    Beautiful wheel! Enjoy it!

  21. Jennifer says:

    She is a gorgeous wheel.

  22. Dianna says:

    You always have impeccable taste in wheels! And your covet list is to-die-for. When does Hobbes get a post?

  23. Katie says:

    Nice. Makes me want another wheel.

  24. peahen says:

    A fascinating design. I like the nice wide treadle. Who cares about the vacuuming?!!!

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