Can't talk now

There are buckets of fiber to take care of.
Who knew that a dye shop that produced massive amounts of fiber at one time, meaning I dyed more, would also mean that I have more to braid and label. Thankfully Lesley and my Mom are good at working with this stuff. I can’t imagine having to do all the braiding and labeling myself.

What you don’t see is the other stack that has stuff in it like the new fiber:
That’s the yarn I produced from it
It’s called Panda and it’s Superwash Merino with 30% Bamboo and 10% Nylon.
It’s kind of nice. Kind of REALLY nice.
I got 560 yards of very light fingering weight.

I’ll start adding in the Ashland today if I can but the majority of the update will take place on Friday.

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6 Responses to Can't talk now

  1. Jenny in Duluth says:

    Mmmm… Delicious yarn!!!
    If I was there I’d help braid – I love that kind of thing. Any chance I can get to fondle fantastic fibers! :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wow! That is a lot of lovely fiber!

  3. Katie says:

    That looks like fun but a lot of work. I wish I was close enough to go to your shop!

  4. Donna says:

    Wish I could help – just a bit too far away. I wanna dive into that pile’ o fiber though!

  5. farm-witch says:

    Woot! What a lot of yardage/beauty/squishy heaven that skein is!

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