It seems I haven’t had much time to do anything worth posting but I do have something else to talk about that is worth it….

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.
It’s basically about protecting our kids. Sounds good right? Let’s get on board….
But wait! This act is going to put many US home crafters out of work.

The gist of it all, the Act was created to protect kids from all the foreign toys that had dangerous levels of lead. It never meant to ban home made toy goods being sold, but the way it’s worded it does. If we don’t get an amendment added to to it then Etsy is going to look pretty sparse. We have until January 20th to lodge complaints.

I know I’d rather buy home made toys then the plastic stuff from overseas.
Want to know more? Click HERE
If you have a voice and are inclined to use it

Lodge objections no later than January 20 2009 to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s email With the subject line: Section 102 Mandatory Third-Party Testing of Component Parts’.

They can be faxed to (USA) 301 504-0127
The Office of the Secretary,
Consumer Product Safety Commission,
Room 502, 4330 East-West Highway,
Bethesda, Maryland 20814 US.

Comments should be captioned: Section 102 Mandatory Third-Party Testing of Component Parts’

psssttt – Pass it on.

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10 Responses to Attention….

  1. Jackie says:

    Email written! Thanks for the heads up – this is absurd!!!

  2. farm-witch says:

    So well said and just the spurring on I needed to start flicking the keyboard and spitting fire……

  3. Manise says:

    That is absurd! Off to write……

  4. Suzie says:

    Thank you dear–had not heard this anywhere else…..

  5. Steph says:

    I put up a post about it on my blog, too.
    Thanks for the heads up, I saw that something was up, but haven’t really read the information until now.

  6. Erica says:

    Hadn’t heard about it…thanks for the heads-up. Email sent, message posted. How many knitters do you think we can get to in 6 days? =)

  7. How ridiculous! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  8. JessaLu says:

    Email written and sent, this is ridiculous.

  9. Bad Hippie says:

    Thank you for pointing this out…I sent an e-mail (read: diatribe) to the address you listed.

    What a bunch of bull. I get the idea behind it, but if it hurts handcrafters and/or second hand stores, that’s just ridiculous.

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