No Crying….

This year there wern’t any Christmas tears. The past few years someone has gotten something the other wanted or some thing happens to make a little girl cry that no one has any idea what caused it. As hard as I’ve looked, there are no manuals for little girls. So we expect tears every year, but this year was blissfully dry eyed. Christmas came and went with nary a problem and a houseful of happy girls.

The PJ’s were made with 24 hours to spare.
Usually I’m making PJ’s right up until the last minute

The sweaters were completed…sort of.
Baby Boogie’s was completely finished and she’s worn it twice already. 8goingon20 has a sweater but it needs buttons. I thought I had purchased buttons for it but the ones I found just weren’t right.
I need to take a little trip to the cloth store and find 7 buttons that will be perfect for little adult girl cardigan.

And we have a new family member
He/she has been living here for a couple of weeks already so he’s really settled in. There is a long story behind the snake and why she belongs to the three year old of the house. Of course I’m no ding dong thinking she’s going to do the care taking. I have owned snakes before and I’m happy to have another. Still we are calling the snake Baby Boogie’s pet and she’s thrilled while 8goingon20 is acting all girlie and screams when Marlow is out of the cage.

Long story…..
My cousin had a snake with no place to keep it until she moved. We let the snake live here and Baby Boogie fell in love with it. She talked to it, held it, pet it…Then my cousin moved and her snake, Marlow, moved with her. Baby Boogie since then has been making Playdough snakes to hold and drawing snakes. Just generally pining away for Marlow. The look on her face was priceless when she saw the snake on Christmas morning. Of course, she only wants to call it Marlow. She’s given her Marlow chapstick (on the glass of the cage) and a toy horse (on top of the cage), and spent lots of time just talking to her Marlow.

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24 Responses to No Crying….

  1. Emily says:

    I think I would be acting all girlie, too, though once upon a time I loved snakes.

  2. PuppyMomma says:

    Hooray for X-mas snakes!

  3. Julie says:

    Marlow seems a bit shy. I love that Baby Boogie gave him chapstick; too funny :)

  4. AnnaMarie says:

    I actually think that’s one of the coolest presents I’ve ever heard of for a three year old. Great way to teach not only responsibility but the life cycle of such creatures and how useful they are. Very cool!

  5. Tina M. says:

    Oooh ooh! A Ball Python, right? I’m so jealous… I’ve always wanted a snake, since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, I signed a contract not to own snakes or rodents when I was hired and I’ll lose my job if I ever own one. *le sigh* (I work for a defined flora and germ free rodent breeder)

    It’s strange, the things that will prod a lurker to post, did you ever think your snake would be one of them? :)

    Beautiful children, by the way, and congrats on a happy day for all!

  6. Julie says:

    My 8 yr old daughter is very much into snakes and is looking forward to the day when she is 10 and can get one of her own. I’m a bit shocked because I was terrified of snakes at her age, but you just never know with kids :)

  7. Holly says:

    Oh, I’m so jealous of Baby Boogie’s snake! I would have loved a snake pet at her age too. :^)

  8. Danielle says:

    Baby Boogie is awesome! And you guys are pretty cool parents for making that Christmas gift happen.

  9. Wendy says:

    Aw, I’m jealous of a 3 year old…(quivering lip)…I want one…(tears well up)…I miss having a snake too…(WAH!!!!)

    Snakes are so cool. And they really do have personalities. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have another one because Nick is such a wussie-wuss about them.

    Umm, I know this is a sensitive topic, and none of my business, but as much more interesting as it is to let your snake hunt and eat live mice, I learned the hard way that the pro-pre-killed have a point. My last snake, a Burmese, made a sloppy hit and was bitten by his own food, by the eye and it turned into an abscess that went into the skull and had to be euthanised. The vet said sick snakes are hard to turn around.

    Then again, life is about balanced risk after all, and I’m the only one I know personally who has had that experience.
    The rest is just “you should do (this) because (that) might happen.”
    Such is life. So now I have no idea why I just shared my pointless pointer. “Doom!!!! Well, okay probably not.” ;)

  10. Suzie says:

    alright. as if I didn’t have enough to love when i come here, now we have Marlow-beautifulness……


    (any shots of his/her (and, can we just pick one?) face?)

  11. DebbieB says:

    Gorgeous snake. I used to have a corn snake – loved him. Your girls are so pretty – just like their mama. :)

  12. farm-witch says:

    Pretty,happy,little girls – so glad ya’ll had a smiley holiday….now, I will go girlie screaming from the room…lol…

  13. Donna says:

    Glad there was a lack of tears on Christmas day. Hopefully you have a break for a while – at least until they become teenagers!

  14. DeeAnn says:

    Happy Holidays Amy!!

    How delightful to have a tear free Christmas :) Baby Boogie is such a sweetheart to share her chapstick and horsie with Marlow ;-) You’re going to have a lot of good laughs with this one aren’t you?! :)

  15. Sara says:

    How beautiful!! Can I hold him when I come visit someday??

  16. Marlow is *beautiful*! I love snakes. Soooo pretty. BabyB has awesome taste in pets. :D

  17. bookgrump says:

    Gorgeous girls! Gorgeous snake!

    The tears came to our house this Christmas. My teenager got a cell phone. BIG tears! FWIW, I think she would have cried equally hard if she’d received the snake. She loves critters!

  18. SuperM says:

    Marlow is awesome! What a great present.

    Mind you, I’m not going to tell anybody around here about it because we really have enough critters in the house right now.

  19. Jennifer says:

    A snake for Christmas! I’m happy for Baby Boogie, but I would be screaming all girlie along with 8 going on 20.

  20. Weaver says:

    Since we visited you, oh so long ago, the kids have been begging to go visit you again. Everything little and cute they find would be perfect for the fairy houses they made with 8goingon20. Now? They NEED to see Marlow and I’ll admit that I want to shop with Baby Boogie again (she’s so good at filling baskets!). Detroit is a bit closer than Milwaukee, so maybe we’ll be back.

    Congrats on a tear-free Christmas. Those are hard to come by around here too.

  21. Erica says:

    Marlow is beautiful! And yay for Christmas without tears!

  22. Janis says:

    Aw, what a cute little ball python! My first was a ball python and they hold a special place in my heart. :)

  23. scoutj says:

    oh my DAMN! I am terrified of snakes!


  24. absolute says:

    very infomative posting

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