Giftie – Jewelry

This posting is mostly about the little shawl pins and such bobbles.
Think of getting your knitting honey a shawl kit with a pin. Your Local Yarn store might have a few there too.

Knitting Needle Jewels One of my all time favs.
Incredibly unique Shawl Pins.
More Knitting Needle Jewels
Knitted jewelry
Cutest ever sheep earrings
Needle Gauge Pendant from Scout’s Swag
Beautiful Knit wire Jewelry
Shawl pins in wood and metal from Spunky Eclectic.
Excellent wooden sheep from NZ.
More hot knit jewelry
Enamel Shawl pins
Sheepie Jewelry and gifts.
Sheep Jewelry
Country Silver Sheep
GoosePond One of my favorites.
Scrabble Pendant
Petit Mouton
Watercolor Sheep Pendant
Gorgeous Glass Shawl pins.

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One Response to Giftie – Jewelry

  1. Lesley says:

    Speaking of shawl pins, when are you getting the new ones in the shop? :)

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