The Master at the Rigid Heddle is Jane at Schacht. Seeing what she does on the Flip reminds me how versatile the loom really is. So much that you can do on a harness loom can be done on the Rigid Heddle with a few pick up sticks. I linked to her page where she has a beautiful honeycomb patterned cloth she’s working on.

This is mine:
And it’s a horrible photo. The pillow top will also look different when it’s not stretched out on the loom. I’m about 6 inches from having my pillow topper done and I’ll post a photo of that as soon as I have it washed and completed.

For those that are visual learners and need a bit of help, a tutorial:
My warp is Spunky Super Sport in Mud Season The weft is the same but with the “thick yarn” being Biggie yarn. My pattern:
Stick A: 6 down, 6 up
Stick B: 6 up, 6 down

Pass1: Heddle up and pattern stick A

Pass2: Heddle down

Pass 3-8: Repeat 1 and 2
Pass 9: Heddle up and pattern stick A
Pass 10: Heddle down and use the heavy yarn

Push stick A back and put in stick B

Repeat Passes 1-10 using stick B instead of A

Detailed shots of the shed differences so you can see what it does to move the pick up sticks forward

More giftie stuff tomorrow.

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11 Responses to Honeycomb

  1. PuppyMomma says:

    Oh yummy.

    Must not get a loom. Must not get a loom. Must not get a loom. Must not get a loom. Must not get a loom. Must not get a loom. Must not get a loom.

  2. Amy says:

    *covering eyes* Now I can’t see you trying to tempt me!

  3. nana nancy says:

    I would like to learn to weave over Christmas vacation

  4. Annalea says:

    That looks lovely, Amy. That’s something that I want to teach the children in the next few years, after we get spinning down a bit.

    Sooo . . . will WNWN Wednesday be happening later today, then? ;o)

  5. Wendy says:

    Oh, I love that!

  6. Hattie says:

    Oooh so pretty! I’m seeing weaving and looms everywhere…I can see where this is going…

  7. Donna says:

    The weaving bug is biting. If I end up with any christmas money I will be buying the Cricket from you. Here is hoping that Santa is generous!

  8. heather says:

    aw shit. now i want to weave. JUST LIKE THAT, this crap happens.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Wow, that is too cool. I’ve only tinkered a bit with my rigid heddle loom, but have plans… big plans…

  10. Cindy Soxnut says:

    You amaze me!!!

  11. At last, someone who understands

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