Giftie –

It’s that time of year.
We’re not huge on buying lots of gifts any year, but this year everyone is feeling a little financial crunch. I’m not changing my gift buying guide that much because of it. I’ve still looked around and found things that I love and hope you will love to. This guide is good for the whole year. I buy more items during the year than I do now. Some of these things I’ve bought as swap gifts, birthday gifts or special “I love you” sort of things.

If you’re buying for someone, I urge you to take a look at their wish list or ask them to make one at Most spindlers would love a new Spindle. All spinners want more fiber. Most knitters would love new needles or a knitting bag. All knitters could use more yarn. But without checking what they have and what they need you don’t know. So check with them. I’m here for the smaller gifts and the things that are more universally needed and wanted.

Today I want to start with the practical stuff. The things we use for our craft but the really nice things that we may not buy for ourselves. Just in case you haven’t been here a while and don’t know, I have no affiliation with these people and I’m not getting kickbacks. In some cases I’ve bought things from these sellers but in other cases I haven’t. I’m just pulling up the stuff that I like and would be willing to buy myself.

Autumn Hollow crochet hooks.
Hook Organizer
Metal Hooks with a more comfy pretty polymer handle
Hook case from turned wood.
Fancy Kitty hooks
Gorgeous Wooden Hooks

Zombie DPN Holders
Cute Needle Gauge
ScaryMerry Stitch Markers She’s got some funny stuff.
Needle Case
Cute Bags
Knitzi is Awesome.

Pretty Diz and Wraps per inch guides.
Another gorgeous Diz and other beautiful turned wood products.
Cutsie WPI guides

You’ll notice that most of what I listed was all Etsy shops. I love the handmade and if I’m going to spend my precious pennies, I’m going to buy something handmade and help out the smaller businesses. You may also notice that I didn’t list any fiber or yarn dealers. Help support your local shop if you have one or a reputable good online dealer if you don’t have anything local. Most everyone already has their favorite shops and the shopkeep may be able to help you decide what your giftee would want or they may even have a wish list set up.

Since I’ve started listing this stuff late, I’m going to be posting more every day this week. Well, everyday until I run out.
Happy Shopping.

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3 Responses to Giftie –

  1. Donna says:

    I am doing a ‘hand-made’ holiday this year as well. Most gifts are ones that I have either made or bought from local artists. I feel real good about it.

  2. K says:

    Thanks for compiling these lists again this year! The links are so much fun to look through. Mind mentioning in your next post what the topics of the succeeding days are likely to be, so we can look forward to them?

  3. JessaLu says:

    Hey! Thanks for the link. :o))

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