Cricket Weave

David set up the Cricket for me when he was visiting. I finally got something on it and even finished on it.
Well, I didn’t even do most of the work.
The pattern and yarn for this one is in the Shop as a kit. It’s super soft and squishy Merino goodness. It ended up as a shop sample, I need to make a green one for me.

I did get something else warped onto it.
Again it’s not for me. It’s another shop sample. It will be pretty once done but it will take a bit more concentration. I’m not sure if Miss 8goingon20 can do this one and keep the selvedges even while carrying colors up the sides.

I warped the Flip as well. I had finished spinning some Merino from Come in Spinner and immediately warped the Flip for another scarf. I love how it’s coming out stripey and tweedy.
But I don’t love the little design element I was weaving into it. This morning after I took the photo I realized how much I disliked it and I “unwove” and wove a new element in. If I like it enough to keep it, I’ll post a new photo later in the week.

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6 Responses to Cricket Weave

  1. nana nancy says:

    Your daughters can do anything they set their minds to, It’s getting them to do that which is a challenge

  2. Sara says:

    Loving the blue and white! How is the cricket to use? You know… just in case I ever decide to try weaving…

  3. tiffaney says:

    I love that weave. I know nothing about this sort of thing but it just looks really neat.

  4. 8goingon20 totally has her mom’s wary look to the eyes. So awesome.

  5. David says:

    8goingon20 looks like she’s having a lovely time. I really need to find some time to get to my loom. It is currently buried somewhere in the craft room.

  6. Danton says:

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