I make yarn

It has been said a few times recently that I make a lot of yarn….
It’s also been said that I don’t post that yarn.
Both of those statements may in fact be true. I have a tendency to make a ton of singles and let them sit around for a while and then ply them when I need bobbins. Or when I need the yarn. By the time I ply, wash and the skein is dry…I’m over it. I tend to just put it in my stash and don’t pull it out or photograph it until I’m good and ready to use it. If you don’t know by now, I’m horrible at blogging. I forget to photograph all sorts of things. I rarely pull out the camera when I should. Well, I have a few yarns finished so I decided to pull out the camera and show you that I do make yarn.

This is Mid twist, Romney singles made from a fiber that I received from David.
I love Romney. I really love Romney singles. For this yarn I wasn’t going for really low twist singles and I didn’t really want to use energized singles. So I made a relatively twisty yarn and then I beat it up and lightly fulled it. This way it’s still got energy but not so much that it drives me nuts when I’m knitting it. I’m thinking this will make an incredible lace shawl. I have a lot so I’m thinking really big shawl…

This is a 2 ply superwash from fiber that I got from Sara
I fairly well didn’t pay much attention to one of the plies. Late night spinning at it’s finest. But the second ply was lovely and it’s all plied now and it won’t matter one whit once it’s knit into some warm hat or mittens.

Next up is a light sport weight yarn. I bought the fiber from Etsy.
This yarn had 3 layers (grey, burgundy and teal) of Merino. It came out pretty well and quite a lovely heathery color. It looks odd in the photo but in real life it’s quite nice and heathery. There are no plans for this. I had originally thought socks, but it’s a little thin. I like my socks thicker so my feet don’t freeze. Though I make still make socks and use them for fancy dress since thinner socks fit better with my Mary Janes.

Finally, I’ll give you a peek at the box where I toss my bobbins.
I’ve made notes on Flickr for those that are curious.

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6 Responses to I make yarn

  1. Velvet says:

    I do exactly the same thing! I let all my singles sit around getting tossed from 1 basket to another till I have use for them or am ready to ply them. Unfortunately I have a shortage of bobbins so I have random center pull balls of yarn lurking all around the house. Somehow they get around…

  2. Sara says:

    I knew you would make that fiber into gorgeous yarn… it looks super soft and squishy!


  3. Amy says:

    lookie there, yarn! That is one of the reasons I only have 4 bobbins, because otherwise I would never have the patience to finish.

  4. Karen says:

    All very pretty yarn! I would do the same thing if I had more bobbins.

  5. Very nice! Although I don’t have quite as many full, single bobbins as you, I do tend to have spurts of non-spinning and then LOTS of spinning. I’m forcing myself to use my handspun yarns now – it’s such a wonderful experience – and wish I’d done it sooner. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Jennifer says:

    What beautiful spinning!

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