Sock bug

I think I was bitten…. Or my feet are cold and my hands don’t want to do any darning of holey socks. Really, darning is a crap job and I do a crap job darning my socks. Good thing I don’t have sensitive feet. Do you want to feel good about your darning abilities and patience?


Yeah, that’s sad isn’t it? I just crochet the holes together and it’s so not pretty at all. It works but once the holes are too numerous or large, I stop darning. In most cases, I would much rather make a new pair. I know there are going to be people telling me to save yarn and to learn how to darn right. Again, I’d rather make a new pair. So recently, I did.

I finished these lovely things from yarn that David had made me in our swap.


I have enough left to make a second pair. I’ll probably wait until the first ones wear out and then I’ll do another pair. I love these. I needed green socks in a serious way. And these have silk in them too. Just lovely.

Then I had to start these in Pumpkin Juice.

I know I said Pumpkin Juice was for Baby Boogie mittens but I lied….I really decided I needed them for me and Baby Boogie needed to have a thicker yarn for her hat….Like how I justified that?

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8 Responses to Sock bug

  1. Faith says:

    Hey, that makes PERFECT sense!

    Wow the David socks are gorgeous!

  2. Sara says:

    Why not just knit another pair now so when those wear out you’ll be able to slip on the new pair right away?

    And darning? That happens as often in my world as swatching. And you know how I feel about swatching.

  3. anj says:

    like stealing yarn from a baby.. that will soon become a new cliche!

  4. Perfect justification. I admire that ; )

  5. Annalea says:

    If you’re looking for a home for your holey socks, just lmk, k? ;o) I can darn . . . I just can’t seem to knit any socks. Or, we could barter–I’ll darn for yarn. lol

    Btw, is everything working okay with your website? I placed an order about a week ago, but the status hasn’t changed, and I never got an email confirmation.

  6. woolydaisy says:

    love the david socks- you gotta pattern?

  7. PRK says:

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