Good people….

We had a little spin in at the shop over the weekend. It was a Ravelry announced event so everyone would have a chance to meet David and to have a Spin in. We haven’t had one of those at the shop in a while. I’d love to have these once a month or so. It’s a really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Here’s a look at everyone that I could see in one shot
I’m going to head over to flickr and label everyone soon.

Farm Witch
was hiding behind a fiber wall and
Stacie was loving up the fiber corner.

My project of the day was some lovely merino Fiber that I got from David on a spindle that he brought me as well. The spindle is made of Hairy Oak and is a sweet sweet spin. I was planning on mittens but another 4 ounces showed up so I might be making a vest out of this or maybe a Baby Boogie sweater….We’ll see when it’s all done. It may just end up being socks and hats and mittens….

I’d like to do more Spin ins. It was great to see everyone so I’ll make sure to announce it here when it’s all set up. My goal for next week is to sit down and look at the shop schedule for the rest of winter (probably into April) and set up all the classes and hopefully a couple more spin ins. I’ll let you all know when it’s set up.

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6 Responses to Good people….

  1. Sara says:

    Where am I in that picture? Oh, that’s right… I couldn’t make it. ::grumble::

    No more kids’ birthdays, darn it… they’re starting to interfere with my spinning! LOL

  2. farm-witch says:

    Soooo fun to spin with you, Boogie and to giggle some (in person) with David. Thanks for having us!

  3. maryse says:

    this looks like fun. too bad that you live so far.

  4. Brenda says:

    Sounds like fun. I’ll have to try to make another one. Where on Ravelry do you post them? Is there some group I should be part of???

  5. NJStacie says:

    Thanks so much for a lovely Sunday, Amy! It was so great to finally get up there and see the shop, and lovely to meet everyone. Thanks so much!

  6. Man, that looks like so much fun. Wish I’d been there! Must-see-the-shop!

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