WNWNW – Veggies

Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday.
Let’s talk veggies.
Sometimes there is a lot waste when you peel or core or what not. What do you do when this happens? Veggies aren’t exactly cheap. Especially when you aren’t growing them yourself. Sometimes you may feel the peels are peels and meant to be thrown away. Sometimes you can use them, and you’re really making good use of your money.

    A few ideas for veggie waste

  • Make stock
  • Freeze them to make stock later
  • Depending on the waste that it is, blend it, make a soup, add it to bread, dehydrate for “crackers”
  • Save the seeds, dry them and plant them in the spring. My gram does this when she loves a particular veggie
  • When all else won’t work, compost so you can use it to make happy veggies next year.

Thank you for all the great ideas last week. I can’t wait to hear what you all have for this week.

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5 Responses to WNWNW – Veggies

  1. Jenny in Duluth says:

    I’ve found that when I’m making apple sauce, all you really need to do is get rid of the stem & blossom ends, and the core. If you cook the apples long enough, the peels get so soft you can mash them through a sieve into your sauce! I haven’t tried it with a blender, though. My applesauce set-up is pretty crude; I just use a wire mesh colander and a wooden spoon to push the cooked apple through, and then what doesn’t go through, I compost. I like apple sauce, it freezes well, and you can always add sugar & spice later to make apple butter, or use the sauce as a partial oil substitute in baking. MMM!

  2. Jenny in Duluth says:

    Ooh! also, if you want tomato soup with no seeds, cook your peeled tomatoes, stick them in a blender for a few seconds, and *then* strain out the seeds. way easy. :)

  3. Linda D says:

    Except for the seeds, everything goes into my Worm Bin. Easy compost, worm tea for the house plants to encourage them through the winter, and lovely black dirt for my garden in spring. I only say “no seeds” because the worms don’t eat them and you end up with an endless supply of “volunteers” in the garden! ;-)

  4. Jackie says:

    I don’t have anything that you haven’t already said, but I just wanted to chime in and say I love the picture and I love that you’re doing this series!

    See you at Rhinebeck?

  5. DeeAnn says:

    Great idea Amy. I freeze tons to make stock – stock is amazing, not just for soup, but for rice, noodles, roasts (if you eat them), sauces, etc. Never thought to try the bread thing, excellent idea. And baking the dried out stale toast with parmesan sprinkles makes great soup croutons or just bake and rub with garlic cloves then butter for amazing garlic toast – yum!

    I don’t have a composter – yet – but when the dogs dig holes in the backyard I add veggie scraps when I fill them in, does that count?

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