It’s been all work lately.

But at least it means I have quite a bit for the update today.
Lots of batts were done. 14 new batt colors to be exact. But that’s not all. See this wall:
It looks fairly full but there are some bare spots that will be filled with those baskets. Not to mention there is a new fiber in the stable and a new colorway of the month.

It all will be in the shop this afternoon. I’m hoping to have time later this week and this weekend to work on some things for me.

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13 Responses to Update

  1. John says:

    As David would say, HOOLEY DOOLEY!

  2. Jackie says:

    Dude. Seeing pictures like that make me think of Cummington and SPA and all the fabulous weekends that I come home with bags full of Spunky Fiber. Can’t wait to see your new colorways!

  3. PuppyMomma says:

    MUST you taunt me?!? I’ll take one of everything please. With a side order of everthing.

  4. Emily says:

    Hi Amy,
    Bridget, Michelle (not sure if you have met her), and I are planning to stop by the shop this Saturday. Wicked excited about it :)

  5. Sara says:

    You know I am already jazzed to see the batts…

  6. marissa says:

    Holy, Moly, indeed! I reeeeeally want to learn to spin!!!!
    I think I need to come visit the store.
    It looks awesome!

  7. Julie says:


    Such temptation!

  8. Josiane says:

    Ooooh, nice! So much pretty stuff! And this time, I’ll get to see some of it – and even take some back home with me! – as I’m making the trip to the Vermont Sheep & Wool this weekend! Can you tell I’m excited?!? It’ll be great to get to meet you, Amy! (I’m only hoping I won’t be too shy when the time comes to introduce myself…)

  9. wendy says:

    Wowsers, that must be satisfying to see… Great job!

  10. Annalea says:

    Wow. What a monument to industry! You amaze me, Amy.

    Time was, all of those brilliant colors would have frightened me . . . but after reading Knit Me a River, I’m really curious to see what all of those fibers could turn into. :o) She posts before & after shots of her spinning, and the difference in the colors from batt to yarn is fascinating.

  11. Chesley says:

    oooooo… I think I need to make a field trip.

  12. Tonia says:

    Ooooo it is all so lovely.

  13. Missed you at the Vt S&W. Your name was in the catalog but I couldn’t find your booth! The new colors are great!

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