Q is for….

The letter Q is brought to you today by the word QUIET!

Quiet is something we don’t see around here very much. Husbeast would remind me that it might be partially my fault. If the girls and dog aren’t creating noise pollution, I make sure it still happens. And if no one but me is around (which is often rare) I talk to myself. Though I like the idea of quiet.

I decided to convey that in my love of storm clouds. As in, “the quiet before the storm.”
We’ve had a lot of storms lately so I was able to take 2 new photos.
One from my home:
and one from the shop:

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4 Responses to Q is for….

  1. Amy says:

    I love storms, and we get some big ones here in the desert. It is my favorite time of year

  2. tiffaney says:

    I miss storms.

    And I talk to myself too. All the time. Sometimes I even talk as Im typing.

  3. Arleta says:

    Quiet? We never have that here. Not if I’m home, anyway.

    Nice pics. I love clouds, and storms, as long as they aren’t killer storms. I need sunshine, but on rainy days I just love to knit and nap.

  4. Sherie says:

    Well, I always say I’m talking to the dogs! Great storm pictures. You have a nice view from the house and the shop.

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