N is for….


N is for Nine….
At least that’s what I planned on posting back when N was the letter of the week. I am woefully behind and Nine was the number of wheels I had….Had. Now I’m up to ten so N for nine seems a little ridiculous….Now we’re going to go with N for New……

The number Nine wheel is New to me though it’s not a New wheel:

But there is also a new spindle in my life as of today:
I have sold many of these Ethan Jacobs from Greensleeves spindles, never to have bought one for myself. Well, this last batch that came in today was gasp worthy.  Not that they aren’t all amazing batches but something about this batch sent me over the edge. I had set aside 8 spindles that took my breath away and then this one came out of the packaging…. Mine. That fiber behind it is an illegal Abby Batt 40% Cashmere 40% Silk and 20% super fine merino.

There are also N for new projects on the needles. New projects with yarn that has been marinating for a while. The first up is the Romney shawl I’ve had designed and wanting to do for a long time. I cast on 2 times unsuccessfully with patterns that were different than the one I had originally written only to go back to the original. It’s nothing majorly fancy but I do love it so.
And the stripes are an unexpected bonus.

I also wanted a simple project that would fill the times when I can’t do anything remotely complicated. Most of the time cables are nothing complicated but these days, a purl pattern might be considered complicated.
There are a bunch of cowl patterns going around Ravelry right now. None of them were just right so this is the one I’m doing. A little design at the top and bottom while the majority of it will be stockinette round and round and round. It’s working out well since by the time I can sit and knit at night, I’m too stupidified to work on anything that takes mind power.  Needle in, scoop yarn, stitch off the needle….rinse and repeat. I can do that.

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5 Responses to N is for….

  1. Amy says:

    That shawl color is fantastic! I love the little stripes. It looks like it will be cozy for sure

    I so get that feeling of stupification. I have a sock that has been neglected for so long because I only have an inch left before the toe. Every time I get a chance to work on it the thought of having to put on the toe makes my brain hurt, so I put it aside after only a round or two.

  2. kitkatknit says:

    Lovin’ the red cowl!

  3. Annalea says:

    Wow. I love the Romney shawl, too. Those colors are just luscious. I’m curious about the pattern . . . does it have any increases other than those that make the triangle? It looks kinda like an Icarus . . .

  4. wendy says:

    Those colors are so pretty!

    I’m with you on the cowl but I made mine with garter stitch edges…I can’t wait to try mine out when I shovel snow.

    Where do you find those awesome illegal batts? (wiping drool off chin)It’s like two now that have haunted my dreams.lol

  5. I may be missing something, but what makes that batt illegal?

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