Bison Bliss

I finished my skein at 400 yards of 2 ply from 2 ounces.
It still needs to be washed, dyed and thwacked. I did all my playing late last night when it was cool so I didn’t feel like firing up the dye pots. Though there won’t be much fire because I’m going to do some natural dyeing with this. Bamboo doesn’t dye with regular Acid dyes. On fiber that cam produce a nice effect, on a yarn, I’m afraid it will look flawed. I’m going to break out the Cochineal and Osage for this skein. I think it will make a lovely big lacy scarf.

I promise to take better photos once it’s done with it’s dye bath. The Bison blend is divine. I have 20 more bags on the way for the shop. It’s a delight to spin and so crazy. It has the tougher core with the bamboo and a lovely fluffy halo from the Cashmere and Bison. Oh and the shine. Is there anything this fiber doesn’t have?

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10 Responses to Bison Bliss

  1. margene says:

    It’s so beautiful! Are you sure it’s legal? ;-)
    Will you be selling any of it or keeping it all to yourself. IT’S LOVELY!

  2. Amy says:

    mmmmm! It looks sinfull

  3. Shannon says:

    400 yards out of 2 oz??? I am jealous! I just got 471 out of 4 oz as my first laceweight. It is goooorgeous though.

  4. Petunia says:

    2 oz stretched that far????? 400 yards times 2 ply??? Oh, my, do my spinning skills have a long way to go! Beautiful!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous! How much are you getting for the shop? *fans self*

  6. Loopykd says:

    This is really really beautiful. When you see the fiber, you hope it’s going to be beautiful and a lot of times, you are disappointed. I am very glad it’s so gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful! I bet it’s so wonderful to the touch!

  8. marissa says:

    OOOOOO, my fingers are stroking my computer screen.
    Not fair!
    It looks sooo soft.

  9. mardi says:

    Oh, yum, I can see I’m going to have to get me some of that!!

    And you spindle spun that laceweight?! Whooee!

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