Tour de Fleece 2008

I’m doing this again. It’s fun and you need to do it too.
It’s a great challenge to make sure I get in my spinning time. Or rather, make sure I get more spinning time. Anything to give me the excuse of getting more time to spin.

I can’t remember who’s idea it was, (Amy was it you?) but those of us on Rav decided we needed a team. We are team “Monkey Farts”. And because of that many of us have changed our Ravatars to Monkeytars. Here’s mine:
If you want to join us in the ridiculousness, you are absolutely welcome to. You just need to spin and be silly. The be silly part has nothing to do with the spinning, but hanging out with our group, being silly helps.

The goals I’ve set for myself are
1. to work down the list of the spinning and samples I need for the book and a pattern I need to do.
2. Work on Monkey farts.
3. Work on sweater yarn.
4. Finish up Diaper Tan, Lobster merino silk, and Pumpkin juice.

2 days into it I have work done for the book and the pattern:
These are a bunch of Navajo plied BFLs and Shetlands.

New Grafton spindles showed up at the shop and well…..I had to test the product
It’s a Grafton Fibership with a batt of my own making in BFL, silk and Alpaca. It will be a 2 ply lace yarn.

As for the goals of number 2 and 3 I have at least picked out the fibers and the pattern for the sweater. The Monkey farts is in Merino Silk:
and the sweater will be done in Ashland Bay Merino Tussah blend:
The sweater will be February Lady. There are a ton done on Ravelry already and I’m smitten with it. Of course I’m still working on Diaper tan Ariann. I’m about 1 inch from stopping the body and starting the sleeves.

I’ve made no progress on goal 4. Though I do need to work on the Diaper Tan before I run out. I have almost 1000 yards and I think I will need a touch more. And I keep looking at the others that I WANT to really work on. Work first right? Hopefully I’ll have some good productive spinning every day.

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6 Responses to Tour de Fleece 2008

  1. i joined the tour but didn’t join a group.
    i think i should be a monkey fart (that sounds weird)

    i will join on ravelry and then figure out where you get your wonderful avatars!!

  2. Amy says:

    It was my idea for the team, but HarmlessDrudge came up with the name :D

    Looks like you have things well in control so far. I love those Grafton Spindles!

  3. tiffaney says:

    I had a dream I was spinning.


    Just kidding. You can infect all you want to. Its refreshing to dream about someone elses madness for a change. Mine is getting boring.

  4. tanya says:

    Book? When did I miss mention of a Spunky book?

    Thanks for sucking me into team monkey farts with your cute Ravatar last week. I’m already having tons o’ fun and getting some much needed spinning done.

  5. Shannon says:

    I am part of the EKF Team, such fun stuff. That Feb. Lady Sweater will be gorgeous when completed. I love the fiber.

  6. yvette says:

    Those grafton spindles are gorgeous, I don’t have time to spin with the team, the school holidays and the heat are driving me nuts;0)
    I am with you in spirit and cheering you all on, all the way to the finish line, have fun.

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