Sewn and Reconstructed

I wanted to do my “L”post today for the ABC along. Problem is that we haven’t had much sun in a week. If I had been thinking clearly last week (or ever) I would have most certainly taken my photos then. The next time the sun is out I’ll be taking photos. In lieu of the L post I’m going to show off what else I’ve been doing.

Remember last week when I said I was going to sew up some stash….
I’m actually doing it. Well, it may be new stash but I’m still sewing it up. My goal is to wear less sunscreen so I needed a bunch of gauzy material to make shirts.
The first was a long sleeve in gauzy material. I used an old maternity pattern and adjusted for a slightly smaller belly.

Next was this:
And it’s on it’s way to Goodwill. It looks great on me but there are sparkly bits in there that itch and irritate my arms. I couldn’t even keep it on long enough to get a photo it irritated me so much. Though I admit one arm is a bit sensitive at the moment. I have a bit more of this material and I will make a lined shirt out of it. This is a warning to anyone that sees this stuff at JoAnns, avoid it or line it.

And the third item I finished for myself is a Ravelry T
By the time I hit the Rav mercantile they were all out of anything that would fit me properly so I got the largest men’s size and sliced and diced it to fit me. Truth be told, I like to reconstruct shirts and like my reconstructed t’s more than the ones I buy as is. I have one more Rav t that needs to be redone. It’s all sliced, I just need to sew it back together.

I have several more items all cut and ready to sew.  Most of it is from my fabric stash, but I’m making good headway in the clean out anyway.  I’m taking 3 large bags of cloth to goodwill today

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8 Responses to Sewn and Reconstructed

  1. Sara says:

    Seriously in love with your Rav shirt redo… mine is too big so I don’t wear it all that often. Maybe I should look into redoing mine, too?

  2. Amy says:

    I like all your new shirts. Too bad that pink one is too scritcy. That reconstructed tshirt rocks! I love all the asymetry in the hem

  3. Arleta says:

    Cool! You are so clever. I love the reconstructed tees, too. My 18yr old son is really into making recon clothing.

  4. Marlena says:

    I love your Ravelry shirt! How did you do the ruching on the side? My deconstruction efforts end at slicing the collar and arm hems off!

  5. MX says:

    Great shirt!!!! I’ve got to give that a try, thanks!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I love how you modified the Ravelry T! I’ve been trying to get a shirt for some time, but they are always sold out of my size. I think your idea is genius!

  7. maryse says:

    nicely done on the ravelry T.

  8. katrin says:

    hands down for your ravelry tee… it’s totally gorgeous and MUCH lovlier than the finished ones. (in fact it’s so freakin’ cool that I might steal your idea)

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