Spindle Ply

If I spin a single with a spindle, I usually ply with one as well. Occassionally I’ll ply on a wheel but the main reason I spindle is so I can enjoy the process. I also treasure the spindle spun yarns a little more as there is usally a bit more peace and relaxation that went into them.

There are many ideas of how to ply from a spindle and mine is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact I think it’s mentioned in a couple of books. I most often ply under plant pots. Here’s my set up:
2 (or more) plant pots.
My basket so I can easily move the set up where ever I go
My plying spindle
My balls of singles

spindleply_through holes
Take the end of one of the singles and thread it down through the bottom hole of the plant pot (inside of pot to outside). Then flip the plant pot upside down capturing the ball inside. Do this for each of the balls of singles you have.

Tie the ends together attach to your plying spindle and away you go.

For the curious – the yarn is my special blend for my Lotus shawl that I original talked about HERE and incidentally that same blog post talks about the Tulipwood Bossie plying spindle.

Why don’t I ply in other ways?
My favorite spindles seem to have little finial things at the bottoms so I can’t slide a cop off happily (The straw and the card tricks don’t work on my favorite one. Plus, winding off doesn’t bother me) and until recently I didn’t have 2 or more of the same weight, same spin spindles. Now that I have my Bossies, I’ll ply differently and directly from them. Of course the cops slide off those nicely onto knitting needles.

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10 Responses to Spindle Ply

  1. MX says:

    Wow. That is excellent. I’ve been looking for a way to ply my spindle singles and I think this is the very best method. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. margene says:

    It’s good to know many ways to ply. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Sara says:

    Such an awesome idea!!

  4. Amy says:

    What a great idea! It would even work for wheel spinners too. I love those pots, did you make those?

  5. Amy says:

    ok, duh. Now that I go back and look, they have your name right across the bottom

  6. Katie says:

    That’s great! Something to keep in mind if I start throwing pots again. Making tools for one craft with another.

  7. I’m with you. Spindle spun means spindle plied. It’s a rule. You gotta be true to the process!

    But I never thought of using the plant pots. I wind the singles off onto bobbins, stick them to a big old yarn cake using old knitting needles and ply from there. Suddenly, that seems a little complicated…

  8. Janis says:

    Neat! I tried winding mine into balls and using coffee cups, but that wasn’t very successful. I now wind off onto toilet paper tubes and then slip those over some PVC pipes that go through the sides of a shoe box. Also, makes it easy to pack my spindle and fiber into and close the lid and go.

  9. I’ve tried this technique before and it works REALLY well. Another good way to ply is to use two large yogurt containers (with a hole in the lid) and thread your yarn through the top. I sometimes find that these “homemade” ways are much better than my tensioned lazy kate!

  10. Dianna says:

    OK, Amy. You’re going to have to start throwing plant pots and painting them in pairs that coordinate for plying equipment. Also one question. How do you choose the weight of your plying spindle in comparison to the spinning spindle?

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