New Project

My Diaper tan/ hayfield merino Bamboo yarn decided that it really wanted to be an Ariann. My yarn is a little lighter than called for. It knits up at 20sts/inch instead of the 19 called for. I decided to knit a larger size than I wanted to compensate for it. We’ll see how well that works out. So far the yarn and the pattern seem to be getting along.

And that’s all. I’m feeling a little brain dead today and stringing anymore words into a cohesive sentence isn’t entirely possible. Let’s hope for some good sleep tonight

edit: My friend Gina just put up a new pattern. It looks beautiful!

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3 Responses to New Project

  1. Amy says:

    looking good so far

  2. Love that bamboo/merion….it’s so nice to knit with….the beginning of the lace bottom is very attractive ; )

    Thanks so much for mentioning my pattern! (HUG)

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ariann is a fun pattern! It’ll look great in that yarn.

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