School's Out

School’s out for Summer!!

Of course as a homeschooler, it’s never really out entirely. There is summer reading and a few field trips I want to take but the daily tasks are over until September. It will feel very free. Free until I find other tasks to fill it. Tasks like gardening and the general clean out I attempt to do every summer. This year the big project is organizing my sewing room into being a spinning weaving and sewing room. It’s probably not big enough for all that, but I’m going to try. I have a HUGE wall of cloth that needs to be sorted through and some needs to be gifted away and some I’ll just store. I already filled 4 large rubber maid buckets with polar fleece. I figured that was taking up the most space and it really was. It’s so fluffy.

Maybe if I take out some time to do more sewing, that will eat up the fabric too. I have a stack of skull fabric just itching to be clothing for the girls and I. Yeah, that’s the ticket, sewing isn’t for enjoyment, it’s to help organize. I bet if I spun up the fiber and knit some of the yarn, I’d have more room……I can see this organize thing falling apart pretty quickly and me taking a trip to my LYS just because.

Though I have been knitting and spinning. There is nothing ooh or ahh to show with the spinning or really the knitting for that matter but I took photos anyway.

On Hyacinth is Pumpkin Juice from Enchanted Knoll. Boogie Baby has claimed it and wants a hat, so it will be a three ply worsted weight:

On Suzie is some CVM I got from Amelia. I’m spinning it into lace:

My Enchanted Swallowtail is in the 2nd chart:

I started a tank top for 7goingon20. It’s for when she becomes 8goingon20 next month:

And I started with my Diaper tan Merino Bamboo a couple of times but didn’t like the patterns. Now I think I found one in Rowan 23 that will make me happy:

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13 Responses to School's Out

  1. PuppyMomma says:

    Thats my girl, wants a hat in the middle of a heat wave. Wait, is it hot there? Because its HOT here!

  2. loribird says:

    I love how your Pumpkin Juice is spinning up – did you spin the dark brown in with the rest?

  3. Jennifer says:

    I can get behind your idea about sewing as an organization tool. I think the same arguement can be made for spinning, knitting, or crafting in general.

  4. Chesley says:

    And I was thinking of taking a trip to my LFS (can we make Local Fiber Shop a thing?) to escape my work. Meet ya in the middle?
    Congrats to you and 7goingon20 for the end of school! Yay!

  5. Valerie says:

    Having read your post, I’m starting to feel cruel because I’m making my 4 homeschooled daughters continue school for one more week. One of the special projects they want to work on for the last week, though, is learning to spin, so how can I deny them that?
    Your Pumpkin Juice is looking glorious; I just received mine too, and can’t wait to start on it. It’s my firsgt installment of the Happy Hooves batts.

  6. Lynn says:

    Busy, busy, busy…

  7. Loopykd says:

    I know I don’t need to say this, but Bravo to you! I know you do a million things a day but as a mom myself, I admire home schooling moms. I am lucky because our local schools are very good but I feel somewhat selfish sending Bella to school. I don’t like to say no to her when she wants to do things with me because I hated that when I was a kid. I find it so demanding to have her home all the time so I admire and respect you for that. Plus, I don’t get half her homework anyway :)

  8. Your handspun is looking beautiful…such down to earth colors. I really have to get back to spinning….I think I need more bobbins! That shawl is wonderful!

  9. scoutj says:

    I don’t know how you do it all.

    for reals. you are my hero.

  10. Suzie says:

    You have a wheel with my name? Why did I not know this? Have I not been paying attention????

  11. Amy says:

    We got Guitar Hero and my son spent an entire Saturday playing ONLY that song!

    Your Pumpkin Juice looks wonderful. If you need a place to put some of your fabric, or fiber or anything, I might have some space over here you can put it in

  12. Marie (selkie_B) says:

    A thought on that fluffy polar fleece – Those “Space Bags” REALLY work on bulky, air-filled fabrics like. If you pack them right they store really flat too – bet you could get all your fleece into one bin or less…Also great for storing woolens as they keep the moths out! Funny really, I actually don’t store my fabrics in them, I store all my extra bedding and linens in them so I have more room for the fabric!

  13. KnitSteph says:

    I don’t homeschool (and I’m in school to be a teacher) but we do summer reading also. I found this website and have signed my boys up for it. Maybe you’d like it too?


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