That Shawl

Let’s talk about that shawl. I know most of you come here for knitting and spinning so let’s talk about this happy little shawl. It all starts with the fiber and the yarn

The fiber is a combed blended Merino silk top from Ashland Bay. I spun it in a worsted style. If I hadn’t started it at 11 at night, I might have spun it from the fold with a long draw. It’s a heavy fiber and spinning it worsted makes a strong but heavy yarn.
The garment made from this yarn will not be likely to pill and the yarn is really tough.

I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to knit this. Well, I was giving myself 2 weeks and under normal circumstances that’s plenty of time to knit a sweater or a shawl. But in the middle of shows and shipping club, it’s difficult though not impossible. So I started in as soon as the yarn was dry.

I knit every little chance I got. At the end of the 2 weeks, I had added one extra pattern repeat for length and finished off the edging. All to the specifications of the wonderful pattern from Susan’s Forest Canopy Shawl. I chose this shawl because I knew it well and it makes a gorgeously simple shawl. Not too frilly but not too plain either. It’s perfect for most people.

I love the blocking of lace. Well, I have to admit that threading the wires carefully through here and there is a bit annoying as it seems to take so very long to do. In some cases it takes more than an hour to get a shawl set to dry.

In the end it’s really quite worth it. I love pulling out the wires to see the finished product. It all flattens out, the details pop, and the edging is crisp.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this shawl. I’m glad I did it in blue. If it was in a favored color of mine, it might be a little harder to give up.

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6 Responses to That Shawl

  1. Scott says:

    Merino combed with silk,
    spun with the greatest care.
    Merino spun with silk,
    washed and set with the greatest care.
    Merino knitted with silk,
    washed and blocked with the greatest flair.
    Merino worn with silk,
    warmth, love and care.

  2. Amy says:

    I still have this pattern on my list of things to make. This one is beautiful, and made for such a great cause.

  3. Sara Malmquist says:

    It really looks lovly!!

  4. Purl says:

    Love that shawl!

  5. Beautiful handspun, beautiful shawl!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    It’s gorgeous in every way.

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