Full Cop

How do you know when a cop is full?

The sillier amongst us aren’t even thinking of fiber at the moment but really, I’m not making fun of police officers. It’s taking all I can do to not make the obvious joke, but you know what it is if you’re silly so you can finish it for me.

I’m talking fiber here.
The cop is the bunch of yarn that is wound around the shaft of your spindle and sometimes it gets full. You can wind off early but if you want to pack on whatever you can then there are a few hints and some are pretty clearly a slap against the head. And well, I like to pack mine so sometimes the only clue I listen to are the slaps.

It’s a little different for top and bottom whorls but as a spindle fills up (the same as when a bobbin fills) it spins differently. You can compensate for this and add more of course. Sometimes your cop will slip more. You’ll drop the spindle more. and then comes the slap. The yarn doesn’t stay in it’s notch. If you have a bottom whorl and use the half hitch, you won’t have as much of a problem with this.

The problem with the yarn not staying in the notch is that it will slip around and off creating a mess. Sometimes it seams seated until you give it a good whing off your leg and thats where the mess really happens. I wish I had taken a photo of the last few messes I had. It takes about 10 or so before I clue in and stop. I can put more on a low whorl than a top whorl. Though I am faster spinning a top.

This is a fairly full cop for me. I could put more on there but walking on the treadmill when it falls because it’s slipping, it’s not a good thing. Luckily this was the end of that fiber so I can ply and move on to a new project…Mole
That’s mole pronounced ‘Mohlay’. As in the sauce on Mexican food. Mmmm Mole. It was made special by Abby and It’s my new treadmill spinning along with my new Cedar spindle from Bosworth. Yummy stuff for sure.

But last night I spent some time with the wheel. I stayed up late, so late I stayed up til this morning spinning something special.
It’s for a special project that will be a shawl. The special thing is that you will have a chance to make it your own. Details will come next week.

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12 Responses to Full Cop

  1. Scott says:

    Good cop, bad cop, on the floor.
    Good cop, bad cop rolling out the door.
    Be careful with your fiber when you let the spindle fly,
    Otherwise you may be apt to cry.

    I have a couple FULL cop pictures from my recent spindling as well. It can get a little tricky.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever spun so much on any one of my spindles. When they get too heavy for me, I’ll stop.

  3. nana nancy says:

    Just to finsh your 1st para I called my son the Lieutentant he said 4 donuts and 2 cups of coffee equals a full cop

  4. Amy says:

    I swear that looking at your spindling photos recently has my fingers twitching for a better spindle than the chunky Ashford Student that I have

  5. Loopykd says:

    Ok I have a stupid question. When spinning up as much fiber as you have pictured with your mole shots, you fill up your spindle frequently right? What do you do with that fiber? I don’t imagine you want to break it or create several smaller skeins. This is something that I always wondered about. Thanks and I apologize for the beginner question.

  6. Nancy says:

    Your spinning while doing the treadmill? You are either a very brave person,, or extremely physically fit (at least more physically fit than me, but then again anyone is right now!). I had never even given that a thought,, even at a very slow pace. I’ve a friend that knits while using her recumbant bike,, and my hubby just found one (yup he picks things up on the side of the road) that works great,, with the sole purpose that I should do just that.

    I’ve still have to give it a try,, but the treadmill idea I like and have to give it a try!

  7. ErickaJo says:

    Damnit! Where’s the love button on this thing?!

    Love (1)

  8. Oh, Amy, I love the new handspun! What shawl are you making?? Can’t wait to see it!

    I have plans to use my llama handspun for the Fiber Trends Spinner’s Shawl…once I finish allll the other lace I’m working on! LOL!

  9. Wendy says:

    Y’know they’re full when their tails stick straight out (see it’s cop/pig joke).

    When they burst the velcro on their gunbelt?
    (I think sometimes they’re greatful for the bullet proof vests which are almost like corsets. Except in the summer. But your popo don’t wear vests do they? I seem to remember the last time I was in maine they were all wandering around unfettered by kevlar, but that was awhile ago.)

  10. Smellyann says:

    Oh, that shawl yarn looks delicious.

    I’m not a spinner, but reading your blog is very nearly making me want to buy a spindle and learn what to do!

  11. Wendy says:

    Off topic, but I wanted to tell you that I tried your method of making rolags our of a batt and I love it! The drafting is SO much easier than splitting the batt lengthwise and the results are just gorgeous. This is now my method of choice!

  12. Teresa C says:

    So Funny!! The other night I dropped that stinkin’ spindle about ten times before I got the hint. The language that goes along with each of those drops is not nice. I should just train Pete to come over and dope-slap me after the second drop, seeing as it takes several more for me to get it myself. I’m sitting here wondering if I should just quit again and remove the cop as it is spinning slowly and I have been dropping it……

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