I is for….


I is for Iris
I had one poor little Iris show up in the garden this year.
I wonder if I’ll even get to have him next year.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on the last post. You all are awesome!

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8 Responses to I is for….

  1. Amy says:

    pretty pretty

  2. Ronni says:

    Going in reverse chronological order while I catch up:

    Your iris is gorgeous. I love irises and I really love that one. I hope you get to have it next year too. I’m afraid to ask what happened to the others.

    Congrats on the great news about the book! I’ll keep an eye out to get a copy. And I love your bookshelves. They look like mine. Crammed full.

    Your Swallowtail looks lovely!

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who buys (or in your case makes) pottery expressly to store her fiber tools and supplies. And now this is too long already so I’ll just say ooooh cool! to cover everything else I’ve missed until now.

  3. Mary C. says:

    Of course we’re lovely. We have good enough sense to hang out with you (figuratively speaking!). Snow here this morning. Spring may come by August.

  4. Scott says:

    I couldn’t think of a rhyme to go along wih Iris, but I think that it’s funny that you posted this on the same day that I spun up 4oz of BFL in your Iris colorway. What a coincidence. :)

  5. Cathy says:

    Give your iris some time–I started with a small pack of iris bulbs, and now I’ve got something like 30 Dutch irises. And the lovely bearded irises didn’t bloom the first year. Speaking of which, once they stop blooming again, I need to dig up and separate….

  6. Deb says:

    Aren’t irises grand? I had only one come back up as well :( but the peony and lilies look like they might bloom.

  7. SaltCitySpinner says:

    My irises like that didn’t have many blossoms this year either… but even one makes a spectacular photo. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. donnac says:

    My iris did poorly this year too. I did dig them up and separate them last year and they might still be in shock. But the flowering fruit trees were spectacular so I guess what nature gives in one area she might take from another.

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