I’m in the middle of shipping club so I have to be brief. I had to come here, though and give you a little preview of Louet’s Julia. They landed at the shop yesterday and I’ve got one all set up. I swear, I haven’t touched her yet and it’s driving me batty. The second shipping is done today though, I have some yarn to spin…

This is how she arrives (well, once you remove all the stuff from the box).
Louet finally has some really good instructions!
Not that you need them. The wheel is as easy to put together as the others.

Let’s hit some high points:

  • 4 ratios standard 19:1 is the highest but you can add a high speed kit and get 27:1
  • You don’t need to remove the drive band to get off the bobbin!
  • The flyer snaps in – this is the easiest bobbin change ever
  • It’s light. I need to set it on the scale but it’s deceptively light
  • Scotch tension!
  • until the stock runs out, it comes with a free Lazy Kate that is NOT attached to the wheel.
  • Did I mention the high speed ratios?
  • After I spin on it some, I’ll let you know more. I’m adding the high speed kit to this one this afternoon and we’ll see what ridiculously thin something I can spin on it. Ok, I’m going back to shipping…..

    PS – I almost forgot. This POST is one that the fabulous Abby wrote about Julia. And while we’re speaking of the fantastic Abby… I need to mention that I have some of her Batts coming into the shop. She wrote a bit about it HERE.

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    6 Responses to Julia!

    1. loribird says:

      Gah! WANT (10,000)
      Must. Drive. To. Lisbon. Try. New. Wheel.
      (My birthday’s not until July, but I think I know what I need this year…)

    2. Amy says:

      neato bandito! She sure is cute.

    3. Mouse says:

      I’m curious as to what type of bobbin the Louet Julia takes.. is it a different type than the others? I have an old Louet S-10 and my only problem with it was the expense of the bobbins. I’m looking for a DT wheel because of a back injury but I definitely want to go with another Louet and I’d like to be able to interchange the bobbins.

    4. A couple of answers to some questions I’ve already been hearing, FWIW:

      1. Are the bobbins interchangeable with Victoria? YES (they certainly seemed to be, but I wanted to be SURE!)
      2. Is the high-speed kit interchangeable with Victoria? YES; at top speed on Julia, it’s 27:1
      3. Is the lazy kate available separately? Expected to be in mid-June
      4. Will the Victoria WooLee Winder from Robert Lee & Sons (thewooleewinder.com) fit the Julia? It should, as the flyers are the same.

      The bobbins are not interchangeable with the bobbin lead Louets (anything other than Julia, Victoria, and S-45), and are not interchangeable with the S-45 bobbins either. But everything’s interchangeable between Victoria and Julia. Mmmmm.

    5. Jennifer says:

      What a nice little wheel!

    6. julia fc says:

      oh, you mean the wheel.
      For a minute there I thought I’d done something wrong.

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