I mentioned yesterday that I got in a bit of spinning while on my weekend away. I get up early. Sometimes way earlier than the mister so I need to do something quiet to occupy myself. As quiet as wood needles are, they still make a clicking noise which causes the husbeast to wake up and make ninja knitting jokes… “By the time you hear the clack of the needles, you are already in trouble…. The Ninja knitters are out to get you”.

Spindling was my quiet activity. It’s much quieter and only caused the husbeast to make comments when he woke up….”Did you just hop out of bed and start spindling?” Of course I did.

I did the first batt from the Enchanted Knoll fiber I showed last Friday. This is the color accurate photo:
And the photo that’s pretty:

I’m half way through the singles on the second batt. I hope to have at least 4 ounces done by the end of the week. I was originally thinking of making a shawl with it, but it’s a little blue for me to wear as a shawl, but it will make great socks. It is superwash afterall.

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7 Responses to Spindle-tastic

  1. I love those colors! I have been on such a blue & tan kick lately.

  2. Amy says:

    What else does he expect you to be doing when you wake up early? Watching light beams travel across the wall isn’t nearly as exciting as spindling.

  3. I love the knitting ninja image. He-yah! Sticks pointy knitting needle in face.

  4. Scott says:

    In my house, he who wakes up earliest better take the dogs out. Otherwise there’s gonna be problems. After that it’s kinda pointless to go back in the bedroom.

  5. Your handspun is so wonderful! I love the colorway and the bits of sparkle. I LOVE sparkly batts. It’s so funny how different the pictures are…color is so hard to capture sometimes.

    I’ve been on a spinning kick, too (about time!) and actually getting some done. I even did some hand carding!

    Thanks for all the spinning inspiration!

  6. Nicole says:

    That’s beautiful yarn!

  7. Louisa Gregory says:


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