State of the Sweater Report

I should mention ALL the sweaters, but much like a politician giving a State of the State or a State of the Country report, I’m sweeping the UFO’s under the proverbial rug and we’ll just touch on the sweaters that have actually been touched in the past week.

First up is the Green Freedom Spirit Sweater.
I had enough yarn to do bell sleeves. Well, one is almost done anyway. I decided I wanted them to be light so that leaves out the turned hem. I chose seed stitch. Which means I’ll definitely be ripping out the bottom and putting in a seed stitch hem. I know I could leave it but the neck is rolled and having that many different hems on a garment irks me unless it’s a design element.

Sprout has been my carry around project:
I obviously haven’t been carrying it very much. I was sick last week and I didn’t knit much for 3 days. Not for lack of wanting to but for lack of desire to get dizzy and sick again. Good thing I feel better now, I have a ton of knitting to get done.

And spinning…
I dyed 2 different batches of fiber to spin for sweaters for myself. This one I predrafted and will be the next on the needles as soon as the yarn is done. I’m planning for it to be Bianca’s Jacket. I’ve had this desire to make Bianca’s Jacket from handspun for a while and finally I found the perfect yarn. I’d like to get it done for the end of summer when the nights are cooler.

Because I started thinking about the next handspun sweater, I thought it would be smart to finish Aftur:
I worked a bit on the other sleeve but obviously didn’t get far. All the stockinette in tan is killing me. Needless to say, I’m dreading the body of the sweater. Really I’m doing this only to get to the yoke. It’s all about the Yoke on this one.

The swatches march on. No more photos though. I don’t want to give anything away just yet.

And I should throw in a bit of shop news:
There will be an update this week so keep your eyes peeled for the email announcement.  And for the physical shop I have 3 – yes 3! Ladybugs in stock right now.  It’s really tempting now to buy one for myself…..

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6 Responses to State of the Sweater Report

  1. anj says:

    I love the green sweater and I am SO looking forward to seeing bianca. You are maknig me want to spin for a sweater again!!

  2. Love the color for Bianca and I look forward to watching its progress. Aftur looks Icelandic; very nice.

  3. Lella says:

    You are making me want to spin. First I must practice so that I can spin properly, since I’ve never learned. The yarn for the green sweater is amazing. Love the colors very much. Your comments about UFO’s are so funny. Thanks for a laugh.

  4. Amy says:

    they all look great! I am kicking around the idea of knitting myself a super slouchy sweater to wear next winter…maybe…

  5. Sara says:

    I so need about 30 more hours in the day… I want to knit some more sweaters.

  6. Wow! Look at all those luscious works in progress! That awesome sweater is almost done! Keep it up ; )

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