I cast on something!

Since I finished a couple of things I of course needed to cast on a few things. I know I could have finished something in my WIP pile but I didn’t want to. Besides, other yarns and projects were calling to me.

I cast on for these before SPA:
The yarn is handspun from Spunky Club Celebration. I knit on it at SPA quite a bit and then promptly set it aside for other larger projects at home. Though I could use some new socks.

These were both cast on this past weekend after finishing my projects I blogged about Monday:
Sprout in Ella Rae Classic.

A simple top down raglan in Twilleys Freedom Spirit. I couldn’t pass up this yarn any longer. I cleaned out The Knitting Experience of all they had in this color. I thought of making Wicked but I actually swatched and didn’t like how the yarn looked in the crossover pattern.

And a little administrative note:
My website Database has walked off and left me all alone. The website looks as though its working but I cannot process anything. If you need to order something, please email me directly. If you ordered anything after 12 noon on 3-4, I never received it. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Once it’s fixed I’ll make sure to change the large note on the front page.

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8 Responses to I cast on something!

  1. Amy says:

    You have a nice case of caston-itis. I love the colors you are using! I wish I could pet those sweaters. I hope your database comes back and has a good explanation as to why it was out past curfew

  2. Sara says:

    Oh wow… I love the celebration socks! I so need to get my felted clogs going since I’m using my Celebration as the accent color.

  3. Chesley says:

    Wait!?! Are we Sprouting already? I haven’t picked out my yarn. Help!

  4. Carolyn says:

    Hey, love your blog. Where did you get that cool dpn needle/sock holder??? I am a sock knitting fanatic and would love to get one (or a few…). Thanks!


  5. Marta says:

    Cool sockie holder thingie! I’m working on my own design for one…hmmm…may have to put a “sample” in the mail to you ;-) I so LOVE the ladybug – it’s a dream! I do have one non-urgent question about it – have you used the double drive? What is your best way to get the band nice and tight? I like lots of *pull* when I spin. Thank you so much! The smallest one also thanks you – she’s keeping Mr. Lendrum in her room now :-D

  6. Lucia says:

    Yikes, hope your techno-woes are fixed soon. I fear I am becoming addicted to your roving.

  7. Bad Hippie says:

    Pretty, pretty! I like to knit green anything. Yay, green!

    (P.S…I don’t think regular e-mail is working. Trying to get ahold of you about, yes – you guessed it…the type of van Boogie Dad drives!)

  8. wendy says:

    The Twilleys Freedom Spirit looks yummy. I bet it will look great.

    Good luck with your website.

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