Making my day

It’s really sweet that Dianna, Arleta and Abby all said I made their day. You guys rock and I absolutely want to let you know that you guys make my day. I feel like I can’t finish this meme though. I enjoy all the blogs that are on my blog list. They wouldn’t be there otherwise. I love to read your posts when I get a chance. I’m not trying to “cop out” on this meme but I’ve been trying to figure out for the past 3 days which ones do I pick and really, I just can’t. You all are awesome. Thank you all for being you and allowing me (and everyone else) to take a peak into your life.

Do you know what else makes my day?
Waking up to snow:
This was the first one I took. It’s of the trees in my front yard. I love how the street lights added all that funky color. I know I should have spent the time to get out the tripod but I was impatient and cold.

Then I went to the back of the house and snapped these:
I love sticky snow, it looks so cool:
It may not be the best to shovel but until the part when you need to shovel the walkways, it’s some pretty stuff.

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17 Responses to Making my day

  1. anj says:

    yeah! snow day!

  2. Julie says:

    Even I have to admit it’s pretty (but I still HATE it!).

  3. Sara says:

    That snow stuff would be much prettier if I didn’t have to drive in it…

  4. naomi says:

    Thanks for sharing the snow! (This 60ºF weather in February is just bizarre.)

  5. Cheryl says:

    Oh, but this makes me miss big wet east coast winters. What would I give for ONE day of snow in San Diego?

  6. You are so lucky. I have yet to get ANY snow this winter. The high in NYC today is going to be like, 60F. Le sigh…

  7. Weaver says:

    i put pics of the snow we got today. Yesterday at 4pm the snow started. This morning we had about 5inches. It kept snowing and at about noon it started snowing hard and the wind really picked up (30-40miles). It is 6pm now and we’re supposed to get 3 or so more inches tonight (our total is already near 10″ here and some towns are at 12″ already) It’s so bad here, they are begging people to not go out. Happily, we have no where to go so I think the snow looks pretty (of course, I’m also not allowed to shovel it either so maybe that helps). Pictures of our snow on my blog if you’re so inclined

  8. wendy says:

    Yesterday, I shoveled 3 times thinking…I don’t know,

  9. Arleta says:

    The snow pictures are pretty. I like snow pictures, but I’m so sick of it in real life!

    You do make my day! I really should publish that post soon!!

  10. Bad Hippie says:

    Awww…you’re sweet. :)

    I wish we could have a snow day! Or just a Saturday of snow where it starts and you give up and stay in to drink hot cocoa with everyone. And skip the driveway, because well – it’s Saturday. And you’re not going anywhere!

  11. Lucia says:

    I’m with you on the snow — I love it when it coats everything, every branch, every tiny twig, but trying to shift the stuff — ugh.

  12. Scott says:

    I don’t have a blog myself, but If I did you would definitely be at the head of my “You Make My Day” list. Watch out for all that snow. June is just around the corner.

  13. emily says:

    aw, I miss snow. stay warm way up there!!!

  14. Chalk up another — you make my day, too! I’ve enjoyed your spinning entries alot, and made a note to come back for the cooking when I’m looking for dinner ideas :-) Thanks!

  15. Leigh says:

    Hi. I dropped by because you made Amelia’s ( day too. I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog and following your links.

  16. Lella says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the snow and the sun in the trees. Your blog is definitely a make a day blog. Take care!

    Loved the C part of the alphabet MEME. I have four curly haired kids, too.

    Cheers, Boogie!

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