B is for…..


B could be lots of things. Blue faced Leicester, Border Leicester, Batts, Bad yarn…..But again I avoided the obvious fiber choices.

There is Baby Boogie:
Lots of B but still not the one I kept thinking of. Sorry Baby Boogie.

You might have thought with all the Boxes that went out yesterday:
that it might have been B for Boxes. Still that’s not it.

Just one B word kept popping into my head and I had to use it.
Not so full of gas, that I’m Burpy. Burpee the seed catalog.
The catalog came in right around my birthday and I just happened to have some birthday money that needed to be spent on plants. Normally I buy from the local guys but Burpee had a few variations that Johnny’s didn’t. So I bought seeds and a few extras that I’ve always wanted like cool row markers. I missed having my herbs inside this year so I started a few Baby plants.

We’re all eager to have some of these plants ready to eat. And if you’re wondering what my “greenhouse” is… It’s a plastic lettuce container. A great way to recycle and it works wonderfully for a small bunch of plants.

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13 Responses to B is for…..

  1. Jennifer says:

    What a wonderful set of “b”s! Soon it will be spring. I love spring and new plants!

  2. Melissa says:

    oh oh OH!! The only thing that says spring to me more than spring training is planning my garden with the Johnny’s catalog!! I think I will start some little plants inside as well, I have several containers – but tell me what the the little “pot” they are in?
    Last year I didn’t have time to plant as I over committed myself and then when I did have time, it was always raining. This year I am going to take some time off of work so I have a 5 day stretch in late April/Early May to turn everything over, work in the compost and get the early plants in.

  3. Amy says:

    Yay baby plants! We have some garlic going great guns right now in our garden, and we planted lettuce (outside) and watermellons (inside) and haven’t seen hide nor hair of either of those. I think we will have to try again in another week or so.

  4. Joni says:

    We have the same catalogue…I’m going to have to ask for my own plot of garden space this year so I don’t have to explain to anyone else why I want to have one plant each of so many different things. Burpee sells sampler plant collections! I can hardly stand it. And the bean frencher! And the crazy-colored carrots! Heck, I’ll have to kick everyone else out of their plots if I’m left alone with the catalogue for too long this spring.

  5. Vicki says:

    I’ve been saving those large lettuce containers… I just knew there’d be a good use for them!

    All of your Bs are quite lovely. ; )

  6. Lisa says:

    Ooo how I love when the seed catalogs come! Hubby and I just planted a portabella mushroom kit we ordered with our seeds this year. It’ll be nice to be growing something while it’s too cold and snowy to be outside!

    What are you using for little pots? It almost looks like you made them from plastic wrap.

  7. Annalea says:

    A long time back, you mentioned how long-tail cast on was your favorite, but you couldn’t use it for the “work knitting” you did because you wanted to follow the pattern (i.e. not have a row of knit stitches before starting the ribbing or whatever).

    Well, here’s how to cast-on in knit and purl with a long-tail cast-on. (In case you haven’t already figured it out–which you probably have, I thought I’d still share. ;o)


    Have a great weekend!

  8. Baby Boogie is growing up! Into a very pretty little girl – I especially love that hair.

  9. purlewe's sue says:

    whoa, you ain’t playin’ when you say that’s a lot of boxes!

    ms. purlewe said most of those are ‘club’ boxes. (of which one is coming to our residence). i was curious – are there more peeps in the club this year than last year?

    the baby boogie’s hair is fab – u – lous. the image i get is one of her just having taken off her hockey helmet and she’s tousled it nonchalantly about (this is after she’s left a boy bleeding from the nose on the ice… he shouldn’t have checked her that hard into the boards….) :)

  10. Jess says:

    I got my Burpee catalog in the mail yesterday! I was so excited. It’s always like my birthday when a seed catalog comes. I just use it for inspiration, and then go try to find plants/seed at my local place, too.
    And I am working on trying to find something to use as a mini-greenhouse. The lettuce container is a great idea!

  11. Arleta says:

    I love BB’s hair! Wow, she’s really growing up, isn’t she, and what a cute sweater she’s wearing!

  12. PuppyMomma says:

    ‘B’ should ALWAYS be for Baby Boogie. And Big Sister Boogie. Always.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Ooooh, I love love love seed catalogues. All the possibilities!

    Maybe this year I’ll even get a garden going again, now that the house is (sort of) finished. I miss my big garden at our other house (especially the wonderful strawberry and asparagus beds I had planted).

    Gosh, is Baby Boogie cute, and getting big!


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