All the Cast ons

I admit, I’m tempted to do a retrospective. A look back at the good and the bad of 2007. In fact when I thought of it, I started to think back and think of how to put everything together and then I stopped. I’m really not the best organized person. Actually, I might be in the pile of one of the worst. Some days I’m flabbergasted that I can accomplish anything, my organizational abilities are that bad.

It may be a shock but there are things that I cast on or knit that I don’t ever photograph and blog. Things like hats or sometimes socks. They just get made, gifted, and I forget to mention them. Because of that, I’d have to really work hard to do a year sum up and I’d miss most of those things anyway. My Flickr has all the pictures of the projects that I remembered to blog about.

Let’s just jump right into 2008 but talking about all the things I cast on the end of 2007.
I cast this on New Year’s Eve and finished it New Years day.
It’s the pattern Urchin. I changed it a bit because of the difference in yarn weight and I no longer wrap my stitches. The pattern is super cute though and easy to follow. The yarn for this one is some Aran weight 2 ply that I had made a couple of years ago. It’s plain wool in the Vineyard colorway. I’m hoping i have enough left over to make mittens. I might actually ahve a hat and mitten set that match.

I started a Forest Canopy in “Joshua Tree” worsted weight and the Spring Things Shawl using the kit I set up in “Blue Corn” Shine. I would have more done on Spring things except that I don’t have the pattern memorized and it really was a busy end of the year around here.

I completed one sleeve to Aftur. All that solid color is boring. I can’t wait to get to the colored parts. Though I do think I’ll need to spin up at least one more hank of the off white.

That’s it, unless I forgot something. Which is likely….

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7 Responses to All the Cast ons

  1. Heather says:

    Comforting to hear from another disorganized friend — I am just as bad, but not nearly as productive! (should be in the studioright now, too, and where am I??) you won’t see much of a round up from me, either!

  2. Josiane says:

    Your Urchin really turned out great! I love it!

  3. Donna B says:

    Another disorganized one here. notice the daydream in my blog name? Very detrimental to organization.

    Thanks for showing your urchin. It is great! Love the pattern and the colorway.

  4. Amy says:

    Great start to a new year! So if you aren’t wrapping your stitches, what are you doing instead? Are you doing yo’s or are you just leaving the stitches as they are?

  5. DebbieB says:

    I want the answer to Amy’s question, and also wanted to say how much I LOVE that Vineyard colorway!

  6. Sara says:

    Urchin is fantastic!!

  7. Julia says:

    Happy New Year, Boogie! I love the beret in particular. I want you to know that one of the nicest things I have done for myself in a long time is join the Spunky Club. I just wound off the last of my party dress and can’t wait to see what January’s selection is. “Sky” sounds very promising…

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