6 Days

This is it folks. If you’re buying for Christmas, you are in the home stretch. Ordering online is fast becoming a non-option. I still have a few links for you though. Some gifts of pretty Knitting Needles:
Beautiful initials in your needles
Funky needles

Gifts of Notebooks and Journals:
Knit Buddies
Giftt tags
Knitter’s cards
Cards and Stationary
Knitting in the wind

If you are going to buy online (and I’m speaking for myself mostly here), let us know you need it for the holidays. I advertise that it takes me 24-72 hours to ship. I have to call ahead for postal pick up so I can’t always ship the same day I receive an order. But I can try and I can also quote you Express shipping.

For all you folks that are really this late I’m going to suggest that you go to (or call) your giftee’s LYS – that’s Local Yarn store. You’ve heard your giftee talking about this place. Think hard, you know the name. If your giftee is there alot then they know them. They might even be able to suggest a gift. If not, they have gift certificates. I know lots of people think gift certificates are cop outs, but most knitters I know think a gift certificate to their LYS is like a winning lottery ticket.

There is one source online that is still offering to get you stuff in time for the holidays. That’s Amazon.com. First check to see if your giftee has a wish list. Seriously, buying from the list is a good thing. If there is no wish list, let me suggest a few books.
New Spinner – Get Hands on Spinning or Spinner’s Companion
Experienced Spinner – Get Spinning Designer Yarns or Alden Amos’s Big Book of Spinning
Spinner/Knitter – Get Spin to Knit, or either of the Twisted sister books (or get both books)

New Knitter – Knitting Little Luxuries or One Skein wonders. Actually both of those books are good for spinners as they are a way to use up small bits of yarn. Another good book is “The Knitter’s companion”.
Experienced knitter – They NEEEEEEEED Armenian Knitting. I have much much more to say about this book but I’m going to save that for another day instead of going on and on here. Or you could be really generous and get a copy of the much coveted Magnificent Mittens or any of the Starmore books they may not already have.
All Around good Knitting books: The Knitter’s Book of Yarn where you will find a couple of designs done by myself, Adrian, and Shelia, Clara (Who also wrote it) and many other great designers. If you have little ones or the giftee does then I recommend Soft+Simple Knits for Little Ones My vest from this book is almost done.

Someone that’s into color in their projects might like Hands on Dyeing or a Dyers Garden. If they spin as well then I’d go for Color in Spinning.

Another option is a gift magazine Subscription. There are magazines for everyone. The subscription is the gift that gives all year long.

As for my fiber pursuits…
I finished that mitten last night.
Yes, the thumb is a bit pointy. It’s a sign that I was over this mitten before I was done with it. I knew from the start that I wasn’t going to like the cuff yet I continued.

The second I finished the Mitones Ivenos I started the ones in Handspun Shetland
The cuff isn’t crazy tight but it’s going to be way more snug.

One last thing and then I promise I’ll stop blabbing.  The physical shop is having a sale on Saturday.  20% off selected handapinted fibers and yarns and the shop store models of wheels and looms will have a 10% discount.  I promise I won’t be forgetting the online store. I can’t do the discount on floor models but I will discount a few of the boxed wheels in stock and there will be the same fiber and yarn sale.  The online sale will take place after the holidays.

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4 Responses to 6 Days

  1. Lorene says:

    I’m Armenian but I never knew Armenian knitting existed. I guess I should check that book out!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ooo, I must know why Armenian knitting is so fabulous. I’m intrigued!

  3. Great last minute gift suggestions and advice. I’m always amazed by how many people seem to think that shipping is a realistic option at this point. And it’s usually the people who, like me, were not raised in the age of the internet and should know better!

    Lovely mitten, BTW!

  4. Amy says:

    Nice Mitt. I can’t wait to see the Shetland one done

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